Understandable Explain.

when andre teach a trick in the “learn section” of YYE…(no offense to you andre! =))

thus his teaching or explaining the trick good? or quite confusing?

me? good… for me 4 1/2 … just rate 1-5 stars (refer to the youtube rating system…poor, awesome, nothing special. etc.)


Step by step instructions and a new way to absorb the trick= (in the words of dryoyo) winsauce :wink:

4, could use be a little less… technical.

Also, he if he makes more videos with expert village then there should be more different angles.

OVER 9000!!!/5

He’s really good at teaching.

I would also give 4/5. He explains everything very well, just lacks the angles like an overhead, and others that make some of the more complicate string transfers easier to understand.


I think there sould be more tricks and angles.


he Always gets the good angles and goes for the tricks at a steady pace for learners.
Thanks Andre!!!

5/5 seems very clear 2 me. I think i like his tutorials so much because he doesnt go in to so much detail that it gets confusing. I learnt 95% of my tricks from this site, thanx andre!

André is great help when learning tricks. 5/5

5/5 i would know nothing about yoyos with out his help. making this sight is just a piece of it.later.

keep it spinning

I’d say 5/5 for Andre’s actual teaching and 4/5 for the producing/editing of the film.

Andre is pretty much my favorite yoyoer, he is such a good teacher.

The only thing I’d change would be more camera angles and maybe continually adding more tricks and videos. I can’t imagine what I could do with two cameras, an amazing yoyoer like Andre, and a laptop. But then again, I’m a tech geek using pro software like Final Cut Express, I just can’t help it. ;D
Still, don’t complain because this is the BEST YOYOING SITE ON THE NET with the BEST VIDEOS, hands down.