get someone else to teach tricks to because i cant understand the way u yoyo sometimes. like steve brown and john ando and teach 3a if possible

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Please, spell Andre right. He sets the standard for tutorials. He IS the best guy out there for tutorials. If you ain’t happy with Andre, you won’t be happy with anyone.


get someone else to post to because i cant understand the way u post sometimes. like kinopah and mr match and post videos if possible

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I don’t 100% agree. I do agree that we should spell the person’s name right as it’s a matter of respect.

First, I like the videos Andre helped create. His style and method are good. But, even so, sometimes what he’s trying to show, he’s unable to effectively show because of lack of things like a slow-speed break down on some elements, as well as perhaps different angles to help clearly show things better. This wasn’t for lack of concern, I just get the idea that the videos were made somewhat quickly. Andre is good, his years at working at this clearly show. At the same time, sometimes he’s too fast, but in his defense, you can’t do all things slow, it must be done fast or else it won’t work. Even through breaking it down and explaining it, it’s sometimes still too much to take in at slower than competition speed. At the same time, I would assume that in my case, as my skills improve, chances are some of what he’s saying will make more sense and come easier to me as I’m stepping through things. But, overall, they are good and it would be nice if they could be compiled into a DVD. The strengths are that they are direct, simple and to the point, as well as concise for the most part. When I see the video being broken up, it seems to be at logical steps. “OK, get this part down, which is a lot, get good at that, then continue”.

But Andre isn’t the only one making teaching videos. Sometimes, I find what I need from another video. I actually get the core of what I’m trying to get from Andre’s videos, but sometimes, someone may say something or present something different or perhaps add something that makes it all come together for me. Some of these other videos may lack some quality, but their goal is to present the information in a way they feel works best. We all learn differently. Education is not a “one size fits all” category.

Even so, I still come here to learn first. I see how far that gets me, then look to the other places that offer training videos that I’ve bookmarked and see if those help as well. However, sometimes the IRC chat channel works wonders. I haven’t posted for help in the forums yet.

Is Andre a good teacher? Opinions may vary. Let’s put it this way: he enjoys yoyo enough to want to SHARE his knowledge, and in my opinion, he is doing a decent job of it. I’m thankful I ran into his stuff first when I started trying to learn this stuff. I’ve since discovered many other decent teaching videos as well. It’s always good to get another view/slant on the same thing.

So, rather than just sit around and complain, maybe you should go somewhere else where you will be satisfied with the material being presented and the way it’s being presented. That would be preferable to coming here and complaining. I’d rather have seen you asked if there were any 3A tutorials instead of how you presented things.

Me personally, I don’t intend to ever compete or make my own videos of me teaching or performing. But, I would like to lend my experience into helping someone at a level like Andre to make training and tutorial videos. Not just because “oh, hey, cool, I can meet Andre”, because I know tons of celebs. More along the lines of, I come with a certain perspective that would add value to a production, that coupled with a talent who also has a knack for teaching, would produce a valuable combination. If it’s Andre, that would be great. If it’s someone else, that would be fine too. Even being a newbie at this point, I take with me my general positive attitude. When I do live sound events, I prefer to work in environments and shows that are trying to do accomplish something positive. If I can bring that same component to the yoyo community, it will be enjoyable and beneficial.

Hmmm, I wonder who owns this site? :wink:

is it chuck norris?

Naw. It’s snooki.

It’s not Chuck Norris. The account hasn’t been killed and the initial posting hasn’t been destroyed.

Then again, only one post currently by that user, so maybe there was a Chuck Norris intervention!

It’s not Snooki. It didn’t get posted and leave an orange mess of tan.

OK there English Nazis cool your jets because he spelt his name wrong. I strongly agree that there should be more of a variety of people to learn from. By the way if you don’t know he ISN’T the best for tutorials out there, hes the only one that does them. Steve Brown would poop on Andre and then smoke him like a pack of cools afterwards in any competition including the style that Steve made. Sadly Steve doesn’t do tutorials. Also don’t say I wouldn’t know because I’ve met Steve in person.By the way forums aren’t for nagging and arguing and also if you tell someone that he spelt a guys name wrong don’t use ain’t in your post.

P.S. You are all probably bad at yo-yoing anyways. Trolololololol.

Rude much???

snooki wouldn’t be able to reach the keyboard

I fail to see how belittling Andre’s tutorials on his own board is anything other than disrespectful and impolite.

i think he is just a troll with nothing else to do

im not being a jerk about this but i f u want to correct me on spelling you first need to be able to spell… besides that my post was actually quite polite im just not a person who will sit her and go in to detail for no reason ( like im doing now). i am trolling but someone else should start videos too and defintaly start 3a… again steve brown=beast mode… any other takers willing to questiong my free speech…

Then tell them to do it on their own site. The internet is huge brother. If you want others to make tuts then you should tell them.

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The point is that anyone can feel free to make a series of tutorials and post them somewhere. Andre has been doing his tutorials for quite a few years. It’s only natural that they be featured on his website. I’m sure if someone else made the effort to film some quality tutorial series, an arrangement could be made to have them hosted here.

Nobody is questioning your free speech, just your judgement (or lack there of).

Free speech only exists as far as where others want to hear it. The 1st Amendment lets you say what you want, but it also lets you be held accountable for what you say as well.

That aside, if you’d spend about 5 minutes doing some Google searches, there are quite a few decent places out there that offer tutorials. 3A is very difficult, so yes, I can understand you having difficulty finding tutorials about it. I also don’t find much on 3A play from a tutorial point of view. Even so, why not just start simple and watch competition and exhibition videos. Chances are, you can figure a few things out, which will start things in the right direction for you. For many people, sometimes they just have to get over some hurdle and then it takes off for them.

Another place I like to go to for help is another store site, which will remain nameless, but I won’t waste your time anyways since they don’t show any 3A stuff. RethinkYoYo has some good tutorials, but again, I don’t think the show any 3A stuff. Again, I recommend going to as many sites as you can because each one brings something different to the table. Also, I’m sure you’ve discovered YouTube. Properly(or improperly) used, it can be a wealth of information for you. Again, it will probably lack on the 3A tutorials, but should have plenty of 3A videos to get started with.

Start with what you can find. Take your time, have some fun. Learn what you can.


That link being thrown out there I’m going to lock this. It has nowhere else to go but worse.


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