ITT: We find out why Andre's voice is the best for teaching us how to throw.

It’s a given that Andre is a good throwing teacher. I have pinpointed this to his voice, he uses a special type of sound wave to send the thought perfectly to our head.

I think Studio42 might have an idea why, with his sound engineering backround.

I’ve always attributed it to being a national yo-yo master. I could be wrong though. :slight_smile:

It’s very simple:

Listen to what he says. Do what he does. He does what he says, he says what he does.

Also, he’s using a lavalier mic, which being close, removes most of the room ambiance. I can tell it’s been high-passed and a little extra bass rolled out because it’s not needed and otherwise left alone.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we pay attention to the instructor. YoYo, Math, science, history, whatever. It applies!

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Right down to a science!

Ive always felt that his tuotorials are the best. Other tutorials are too quick or difficult to understand. Andre,s are perfect. He shows you ehats too be done. Then he explains it, and shows it again one step at a time all at a perfect, comfortable pace.

I don’t 100% agree on the pace. The videos were done quickly, but not rushed. They were done casually, which was good. It’s like at a meet, laid back and no pressure. Yes, he does explain it and break it down and multiple angles.

There is where some videos are lacking because not all have this problem, and people’s individual results and opinions may vary.

1: Because of the amount of time these were shot in(I’d say less than a week) and the trends between then and now are vastly different, a lot could have been done in post production.

2: One area that he addresses is downloading the video so you can slow it down. This could have been done IN the video and then voiced-over for example on some tricks, such as showing the mechanics of Magic Drop(which I mention because it’s one I just got finished learning, and then onto Shockwave). To learn Magic Drop, I had to go to a different video. I can do it, but there’s other ways to d the trick. I’ll eventually do it better, but for now, it’s more important to understand the mechanics of the trick. I can do it, that’s the good thing.

3: More angles could have been helpful too, but clearly that wasn’t an option they thought about. Trends and technology changes. I like the POV angles as that helps sometimes.

4: Lastly, and this is more on me personally, some videos don’t work for me. This by no means suggests his videos are bad, it’s just that some of the videos I needed to get additional help from elsewhere. This isn’t a bad thnig. Everyone learns differently.

I have downloaded thousands of videos, most being yoyo tutorials. Andre’s are some of the better ones out there, despite being dated at this point in time. Standards are standards. When I learn tricks now, I do a search for that trick in the “video library” then watch all the tutorials. I’ll try the stuff, then watch the ones I felt were most useful.

Well i felt like the angles were good enough. And as for the pace, i felt they were good. He went a little faster on the longer tricks though, but i think he makes the tricks easier to nderatand, and it just leaves u to practice it.

Some of the best-produced tutorials I’ve seen are Miguel Correa’s. Good resolution, slo-mo, and very descriptive. But no one video is perfect, so I often seek out other videos to see different angles.

One tool that I’ve found extremely useful for watching tutorials on youtube is a combination of Greasemonkey and Youtube_Better_Loopy. This nifty tool lets you loop part of a video, so you can watch it over and over while you’re throwing.

I watch Andre’s first, if he rushes on a small move and I miss it I go on Yo-Tricks.

But he can’t have all this angle and quality, it cost money.

And now they make videos in higher quality slow mo ect. Because they have these things. Tech improves everyday. And some people have more money than others.

Usually every tutorial on a trick misses a step or doesn’t stop on it to explain. That’s why I use Yo Tricks YYN and here YYE.