Trapeze tutorials?

Hey all! So I don’t have much interest in forward yo-yo tricks. It seems all the best tricks come out of the breakaway. I’ve been going through the tutorials on here skipping all the forward facing tricks. I don’t love the tutorials on here although they get the job done. My main complaint about them is the entertainment value. It feels a lot like a text book of yo-yoing, rather than interesting and entertaining as well as educational :slight_smile: Is there an excellent set of tutorials on just breakaway tricks? And is there just a better and just as comprehensive set of tutorials other than the YYE ones?

I think that yoyoexpert is your best bet until you are able to do advanced tricks. Other than that, rethink is great.

There are stacks of resources… but keep in mind that sidestyle tricks (the ones you currently prefer) don’t always start on a trapeze. So looking for “trapeze tricks” is limiting your scope.

On a separate note, so many boss frontstyle tricks out there… you’re missing out on a lot if you blanket-dismiss them! Add to this regense, which change spin direction, and eventually you should look for (or invent) some tricks that are frontstyle but which appeal to you more than the ones you’ve seen. :smiley:

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Could you link to a few resources please? Thank you!

Here’s one!

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“Better” tutorials for a lot of the well-known (I call them “canonical”, but I might be the only one) tricks in my opinion are found here:

Someone has already mentioned Rethink, which has more “outside the norm” tricks at all levels, plus a few canonical ones. A well-loved resource for slow-motion (“high speed” because of the capture rate, not the playback) is here (while you’re there, don’t miss the “Tutorials by Jake” section):

Alexis plays frontstyle a lot, so you’ll have to pick and choose for these ones, but some of the best tutorials around:

Mostly advanced stuff, so it might be a while before you’re hitting these… but there are a few attainable at Cabin Tutorials (just google “Cabin Tutorials yoyo” to get started… I think they’re YouTube vids but might be Vimeo)


Alright, I’ll be the bad guy. It’s a role I’ve played before and one that has fit me well in the past.

I find this thread to be thoughtless and churlish. I find it analogous to walking into Texas Roadhouse and announcing; “I don’t love the meat served here although it is at least edible. My main complaint about the food is the flavor. It tastes a lot like Dollar Store grade of beef, rather than prime-cuts which have been well prepared and are served in a way I might find delectable. Can anyone waiting tables here recommend a place where I could purchase a decent steak?”

I find it to be just plain callously injudicious and boorish to walk right into our little clubhouse and complain about your disappointment in the “entertainment value” of the tutorials here. André has developed tremendous website which serves those in the yo-yoing community well. I am unaware of any other site which provides access to such a wide variety of quality throws and broad spectrum of prices. I am very grateful to André and all others here at YoYoExpert for providing us with a premier website where we can not only purchase great products but learn yoyoing from the basic sleeper to White Budda. The liberties given to us to discuss a variety of topics and freely share our opinions here on the forums is to be commended as well.

There very well may be other tutorials out there in cyber space which you might find more “entertaining”. My recommendation would be to familiarize yourself with various search engines and see where they might point you.

(I would start by Googling “common courtesy”.)


Breakaways? Pah!

Alexis JV laughs at your ‘breakaways’!


I’ve noticed that when it comes to “business”, we’re not allowed to mention other stores. OK, fine. Respect, courtesy.

When it comes to learning and tutorials, it seems we are granted leniency.

Look, the YYE videos are not all the greatest. Some are better than others. As for my point of view, I have found some videos(OK, most) here worked great for me. Others, not so well. I don’t fault the instructor or the video. You ask 10 guys to make a tutorial for the same trick and you’re going to get 10 different approaches towards the same end result. I feel that if I am not getting what I need from a video, it’s my problem to go find or get the information I need to get me where I need to be.

We all need information presented differently, or need to gather as much information so we can process it and combine what we need into one better “overall picture”.

Regardless, the best way to learn is in person. Meets rock!

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My point is not whether or not alternative tutorials can be found on the internet, or even if some may be better suited to individual tastes. Those types of parleys are futile. From the bleacher seats I’m sitting in that is neither here nor there. The fact remains it is indiscrete to post a thread on YoYoExpert’s forums requesting participants here point the way to a site which the OP might find more advantageous and appealing. My point is not to engage in a discussion on the superiority or inferiority of André’s tutorials. Such conversations would be boorish as well.

Appropriate civility directs us when dissatisfied with what we find available in one venue to simply and courteously excuse ourselves and seek alternatives elsewhere without voicing extraneous criticisms.

The value proposition of YYE is the store and the community, not the tutorials. I do refer to them from time to time, but I like to get my learnin’ elsewhere for the most part. That’s just me; I am extremely grateful to André as well, but I don’t have to view the YYE learn section as the be-all-end-all.

And since there’s a community here with the goal of growing yoyo… I don’t see recommending other tutorial resources as being against the general purpose of these forums or discourteous. “Hey guys, great community… but um… where else can I learn?” is really what is being asked here. The answer is, “Lots of places.”

I raised my eyebrow a bit at the description as “not entertaining” since I don’t find many tutorials truly entertaining… but other than that, I don’t see a request for further tutorials to be a bad thing. Google usually finds random videos on YouTube, not consolidated resources. I know that once upon a time I asked similar questions and was given helpful links. It hasn’t stopped me from feeling that YYE is home, nor valuing both the community and the store here.


Very well said! You said a lot of the things I was thinking as I was reading. So, seconded :slight_smile:

In terms of the entertainment value of the tutorials. I’ve been a performance artist my entire life and very much value charisma and entertainment value in everything, including tutorials. I remember I watched the very first mobius tutorial and enjoyed it, as well as one other yo-yo trick tutorial but the series wasn’t what I was looking for. In my opinion the person who teaches the tutorials on here isn’t particularly charismatic. I have no problem with him as a person and I’m sure I’d enjoy hanging out with him, I’d just prefer tutorials from a different person.

Also I’m not criticizing the tutorials on this site. I’d meant to state personal opinion, sorry if I made any blanket statements without an “I” in them.

Also while I already bumped the thread. Thank you all for the tutorial recommendations!!!

Well, we do differ there. “The guy” (André Boulay, the owner of YYE) is someone I find quite charismatic. It’s not a polished stage performance, that’s for sure, but he comes across as friendly and enthusiastic. He genuinely enjoys (/enjoyed… who knows now!) the majority of the tricks he performed for these tutorials, and continues to inspire a great many people with them.

They were also good examples of yoyo tutorials for their time, with clear breakdowns, descriptions, and multiple angles. I think they’re showing their age is all.

Alright then :slight_smile: It’s just my opinion and preference.

We’re here because we like the forums, not because we think that YYE is the site to end all sites. I can understand that it’s rude to mention and promote other store here (although personally I think YYE could benefit by learning from the competition). Tutorials, though? That’s not a product. To compare it to a product that is sold such as food is a totally inappropriate analogy. The tutorial section could probably benefit from people voicing their criticisms.

I understand what Hendy, Greg and others are saying. I suppose what lead to what in hind sight now was doubtless an overreaction on my part was the approach. Had the same opinion been voiced differently I very well may have jumped on the band wagon rather than a soapbox in opposition. Let me hasten to express I agree the tutorial section here could use a significant tuneup.

TyBigonet, please accept my apologies for what I see now were unnecessarily critical and acerbic remarks. I suppose what set me off was not your opinion but rather your choice of words such as “entertainment value”, “feels like a text book of yoyoing rather than [being] interesting and entertaining…”. And if I may paraphrase, what I took away your closing questions read to me like; “Is there an excellent set of tutorials on just breakaway tricks to be found anywhere on the internet which are just better than these poorly produced offerings found here at YYE?” That is undoubtedly an unfair transcription of your thoughts Ty, but it’s how they struck me. Again let me reiterate I do not disagree with your perspective that the teaching videos offered here lack a veneer and polish which could serve this website well. It’s not, as Hendy stated, that I believe YoYoExpert “is the site to end all sites”, which sets it beyond any legitimate criticism, although my assertions certainly had just such a ring to them. I suppose if you had generated a thread simply asking if there were alternative teaching videos on advanced yoyoing to found on the internet without what seemed to me to be unnecessarily denigratory review of YYE’s I would not have expressed such acrimonious dissent.

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Apology accepted! Sorry if my phrasing set you off, I meant it with good intent. And misunderstandings happen =P. I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me and rethink your initial impressions.

What he said and some other things which I won’t say because we don’t do that here.

Thanks for all the help guys! I love the definitive yo-yoing tutorials. Although they don’t go into really advanced 1A stuff, does anyone know of excellent 1A tutorials that go into the advanced and expert realms?