More Tricks

I think we need more trick videos I have watched all of them…and I think its time for some more.
Who’s with me?

Here are two more trick websites:

Edit: I now realized that you meant for yoyoexpert to get more trick tutorials. :stuck_out_tongue: My bad.

Yeah…I miss boulay…ok now this is a really cool looking trick…every video should start like that

… what?

and agreed, just a few. and some 3a. but not a whole lot, a lot of yoyoing is finding tricks on other sights and on youtube/vimeo and creating your own. andré just taught the aspects that you would need.

Yeah, I get that. But I don’t think anyone can deny liking Andre’s first tuts, and wishing for more when they had learned them all.

Here are just a few other topics suggest the same thing:

this is the most commonly suggested thing, and i do have to remind people that andre has stuff to do, but it would be the great if he could find time

He can put the spin tops down for 2mins for his followers.

The tuts he has on this website are to get people started, they introduce you to all of the most common elements of yoyo play. Pops, slacks, mounts, they are all there just to give you a springboard into making your own tricks. I don’t think it was -by any means- meant to teach you every trick.

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I really wish he could make a few more master tricks using the trinity