New tricks


I wish that there is going to be a lot more tricks (both beginner and expert tricks). Like the hawk repeater trick or some green triangles such as carbonated GT or flip flop GT, also I would like to see a video of how to go from a red triangle to a wrist mount.


some people have been saying they want andre to make more videos.i say it would be nice, but its not a big deal. he also just had a kid, so dont be expecting a lot from him.

i say look at yotricks, they have some newer tricks on there site, or just type the tricks in on youtube.


This topic has been beaten to death. Many times.

What Andre is doing with the videos here is providing the building blocks and foundation, taking you from nothing to a strong base to create your own tricks from and beyond.

With so many new tricks coming out(probably dozens a day if we really had an accurate log of what’s being created), it’s impossible for any site to keep up. Plus, there’s the lag between when the trick is created until when it’s documented, and then broken down into the form of a tutorial.

There’s also plenty of other tutorial sites, so just go there and learn some new stuff. I go to a bunch of places to learn stuff. There’s no problem with that.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

yup i agree theres sites like yotricks, rethinkyoyo,youtube,etc

#5 is another incredibly useful amount of tricks it’s incredible