More 4A tricks?

It would be nice to have more 4A tricks on the site because all of the other videos that show the tricks dont have them explaining it to you. and that really helps me learn them faster. Thank you.

Your topic from a couple weeks ago?

Yes but all of the links i got didn’t have any verbal explaining in them so thats why i would like some more on this site.

Ok well you could have just bumped that other one up, but it’s ok.

Try They have good tricks, but I don’t know that there really are any that give explanations like André does.

On that site i can understand the “easier” ones but once they get harder i cant understand them.

Also, his last one was in “Tricks” section and this one is in “Site Improvements” and both topics are aptly written.

Oh, I didn’t even realize this one was in Site Improvements.

yep little more 4a tricks

I agree, Andre is the best teacher, since he explains and demonstrates. I too would like more 4A tricks.

Yes, but he hasn’t made a tutorial (and published it) in several years. However, it would be be cool for some more to come.