Just a thought...

I am getting into some 4a and enjoy it very much. Would it be possible to bring in Bryan Figueroa and make some new tutorials?

Agreed and im trying to get into 3a but nothings out their. So yoyoxpert should get someone like paul yath or kentro to teach 3a :slight_smile:

Go on Youtube. Yoyoexpert isn’t the only site with trick tutorials. Maybe like Yoyoskills.

It’s hard to do. It would be awesome though.

yah, I got a fiesta inspired by him

Here are a lot of tutorials to tide you over until they get some on this site for the style of play you want.


Not trying to be mean or anything, but what does thia have to do with wanting to have some more tutorials on this site? I’m not saying to stop posting, just maybe keep it a bit more relevant to the topic? Thanks.

There’s also www.offstring.com They don’t really have tutorials persay, but they do show lots of tricks that you can somewhat figure out. If nothing else, it should be able to give you a start to making your own 4a tricks.