where can i learn off string tricks

hey guys,

so i wanted to know if there’s any other place i can learn 4A besides yoyoexpert.
Yoyoexpert just doesn’t have enough 4A tricks, i know there’s more than that!
So where should i go ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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The website address is so… self-explanatory.

4a seems like one of those styles that you can be totally random in tricks and just have fun with it. I think this site gives you a good basis to start making them, but I’m not really an offstring player(yet, waiting for my aquarius from Jayyo). offstring.com’s video’s are a good place to learn other tricks too.

offstring is really what got me back into yo yo’s and then I started working on 1a stuff and have progressed quicker than I expected but I still love 4a. I want to get an aquarious badly and I have a bone chip I would trade for one. Maybe I should put that on the trade thread