Need offstring tricks sites!!!

I need 4a trick sites other than because it won’t work for my computer. Thx!!

How about this:

No, don’t everyone thank me all at once!

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There are 15 offstring videos under the learn section on YoyoExpert. They are good tutorials, but the Ben Conde tutorials are better, and the link that Studio42 posted will bring you to them. Good luck with offstring.


thank you
i just started 4a 3 days ago so this is good

Here are some of mine, they vary in difficulty.  Keep checking back, I’ve got a couple more I’ll be adding in the next week or so.

The OP was looking for a site that works, because isn’t fully functional. It appears that site gets it’s stuff from, which doesn’t appear to be reachable.

Here is my newest one.

I can’t get to work. I keeps saying that it is under construction!! What other sites are there?