a couple more tricks...

i know loads of tricks that yoyoexpert dosen’t, like green triangle, houdini drop, etc. you can get a lot of tricks off Yomega©. buy the DVD and you’ll learn loads.

P.S. i’m just a kid, so don’t go thinking it’s a con to get you to buy stuff.

Why does this have a poll?
It’s useless.

And the yoyoexpert tutorials are mostly meant to get people started IMO.

Yup. Andre didn’t want to go out and try to film every single trick he could find, just wanted some that he thought would be good to learn. He most likely won’t make any more. Just keep workin’ at the tricks he has here and continue to explore other sites that might have other tricks you can learn, as well as start making up your own. :wink:

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