Fix The Learn!


Okay, the learn section needs to be fixed. The videos and old, and they’re missing a lot of modern tricks. In order to get new vids in HD and more tricks, I’m making this petition. If you agree, just put agree in the replies. Please don’t post twice or post anything else so we can just look at the number of replies to see how many “signatures” there are.


Some discussion went around a while ago implying that this is already in the works, but haven’t heard anything more recently.

Nonetheless, even though there are plenty of great modern tutorials only a YouTube search away, I would love to see Andre or another player (or collection of players?) do an overhaul with illustrative animations where possible, slow-mo when needed, and smooth switching of camera angles at the right times!


While I agree that the tutorials need to be updated, the purpose is the “building blocks” and fundamentals so you learn the tricks you need to learn so you can therefore have the foundation and fundamentals in order to have the tool set to create your own tricks better.

New tricks are being invented daily. There are probably millions of tricks, most without names now. It is impossible for any site to compile that kind of library.

So, yes to an update with new videos. After that, go to other sites to get all the “new tricks”.


By adding new tricks, I just mean these tricks are kind of old, not modern stuff, I just want stuff that will appear at contests and stuff.


Most tricks are built on something else. The “old” tricks as you call them form the foundation for a lot of “modern stuff”. Also, many players are quite content with legacy tricks. They are important and need to be here. One learns from one’s past.

(Owen) #6

Even if there are 100000 replies, it is entirely up to Andre on whether or not to make more/better/more modern tutorials.

I’m fine with the ones that are here now, they taught me well enough.


I completely agree. These are old tricks. These are also the basis for all the “new and modern” tricks. I feel we should all make as good of an effort as we can do learn as many(if not ALL) of these tricks.

I’m content with these “old” tricks. I also want to learn new tricks. However, if I don’t learn this “old stuff”, I’m not gonna be able to handle a good deal of the “new stuff”.

And these tricks still appear at contests. Boing-e-boing is popular. Tricks from wrist mount, split bottom, front, back, trapeze, trapeze and bro, double or nothing and 1.5 mounts are very common. Whips, slacks and suicides still are used a lot. Behind the back leg trap is still used to transition from front to behind the back play.

As for me, I learn bits and pieces here and there. I’ve skipped some YYE tricks because I can’t get them but I go back and try them from time to time. But, I wouldn’t be where I am(which isn’t impressive, 2 years and only to Advanced 2 for the most part) without these videos. I’m very grateful and appreciative of them. I can still be objectively critical as well. Dated or not, they are still just as valid today as they were when they were made.

Also, there’s another store that has tutorials, and they have the same tricks in the same order that YYE does, and the basis is the same: Learn these tricks so you can have strong fundamentals. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I’m sure Andre and the people who operate that site came from the same “school of thought”.

(Erik Kerber ) #8

Im content with these tutorials as well but it woul be nice if they were refilmed in better quality and slomo added but the tricks are great :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ;D :o ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s worth mentioning for people keen on new modern stuff that the 365 Yoyo Tricks section in the Learn menu is absolutely BRIMMING with mind-bending stuff. You cannot find a better place for inspiration other than

Not all of them are in the realm of the impossible, either, although ranking by difficulty sure would be sweet.

#10 has all the modern tricks you will need, and YYE teaches the basics fantastically.


I don’t think it would be a bad idea to do the basics again with better video. This is the top yoyo website, right?


I think there are plenty of tricks here, all the fundamentals, already taught right the first time around. I have no problem with the video quality either. People used to learn from trick books and VHS tapes, so at my age, I’m more than satisfied with what the site already offers. I think Andre’s time is better spent on other things. The store is so successful because he knows what is most important. With entire sites based on tricks only, and Youtube available, it should definitely not be a priority. Besides, the sport will be better off with people trying to create original tricks, rather than learn a bunch of so called new ones anyway.


Don’t fix it if its not broken…


Apparently it’s “broken” if enough people would like to see an update. :wink:

The videos are a marketing tool. When discovered on YouTube, they might bring people to the store (though not necessarily as I don’t think the videos have the link). When viewed on the website, they reinforce the YoyoExpert brand.

Making new videos, and owning them, André will have a few options and he can decide which suits his strategy:

1 - make them exclusive content, so people have to come to his site to see them. Sort of. Wouldn’t be long before they were ripped and put up on YouTube or someone’s site. :wink:

2 - put them on YouTube but with clear links back to the store. This fortifies the inbound marketing strategy. And then with the videos also being available on his site, he’s reinforcing the up-to-date nature of his site and his commitment to helping the community learn.

Anyone who has done any sort of marketing can see that replacement videos SHOULD be a given, based on option #2 above.

Marketing is a part of business, and “better use of his time” is up for debate. His marketing strategy is already pretty strong if a little stale (sponsored events, SEO primarily) so there’s no crushing need to beef it up yet. But since it’s inevitable, he could seize the opportunity, create stronger opportunities for inbound traffic to his site and create better “optics” (it will look to the newcomer like he’s on top of things, not just recycling old content).

To me, that’s not a waste at all. It’s probably in the top 3 of things he can be doing in the best interest of the site.


“Broken?” “Enough people would like to see an update?” I don’t agree with either. The OP started this as a petition, and a week later, it has not turned into any real indication of the learn section being “broken.” I think there is better support for an argument in the alternative.

I have some experience in marketing, but those who have better experience than I do, often miss the mark. Why do companies often spend so much on advertisements, and then have to “pull” them later (recent news), after those people with degrees and experience in marketing once sat in the board room and thought they were such a good idea. But, back on the topic of this specifically, I see nothing “stale,” about Yoyoexpert marketing. Their marketing is, in fact, diversified and fresh.

The Yoyoexpert logo that we see in the background during contests, the logo on Yoyoexpert edition yo-yos, apparel and other products, the Yoyoexpert trading cards, the Yoyoexpert contest van, this forum, the blog, Youtube Channel and Facebook, click it stick it contest, the stickers we get in the mail with purchases, his relationship with other businesses like Yoyonews, and expanding his relationship with other toy companies (Kendama USA), his relationship and support of local yo-yo clubs (personal appearances and sponsorship, such as NH Yo-Yo Club), and every time I open my mouth :wink: to name a few. Nothing stale about all that in my eyes.

In fact, I found out about this site because I looked up the name under that Yoyoexpert logo that I kept seeing in the background on Youtube. Andre has not plastered his face or his name on the front page of this site, because I guarantee if he always linked his name to this site, you would see a lot more traffic. We see his hands on the front page of the site, not his face, which means he is not into cramming things down people’s throat anyway. He has class. As you know, in marketing, it is not all about “traffic,” it is also about how you develop the image of your brand and business. I was shocked when I found out this was his site, I thought the site owner just liked Andre trick videos. Again, with so many alternative sites for video, this is not a pressing need.

Andre Boulay has been the sponsored player with YoyoJam, he created that catalog of videos on expert village and taught us the fundamentals of yo-yo, he designed several yo-yos, he has been judging contests around the country, he is running his own store. We have not even discussed any family obligations he might have. In terms of the way his career in yo-yo has progressed, he should be allowed to “move on” if he wants to. If he was a teacher more in the past, but now owns a yo-yo store, and uses some of the material he created back then, who are we to suggest that he should drop all the work he has to do running a store, planning events, and judging contests to do trick videos…again. While it must be flattering for him that people want to see it, it may not be how he wants to spend his time right now and move his career on to the next step. I just don’t think he owes us any explanation, or has to be “pressured” to grant our wish on this. I think something like this is a very, very low priority, and not even necessary for marketing purposes.

You made points 1 and 2. You already gave the alternative argument for #1. As for #2, Yoyoexpert already has a large list of subscribers to it’s Youtube channel, where there are hundreds of videos it seems, and thousands of subscribers to that channel. Also, their logo is on stage in the background at all of the major contest performances…video uploaded by other people. No need to have Andre making new video for “marketing.” They are doing a great job in that area already. Not broken, no “need” to fix it. But yeah, if Andre ever gets bored, we want to see him do more video for the heck of it. :smiley:


TA, I don’t think anyone suggested Andre “drop all the work he has to do…” to make new videos. I just know that I didn’t find the videos to be the most helpful when I was learning. There is a site (that has higher quality vids, with clearer explanations and helpful camera angles) that I learned the basics from, and I really feel like I owe them something. If that’s not good marketing, I don’t know what is. :slight_smile:

Not to say I don’t love this site and spend a lot of time (and money) here.


True enough the tutorials on this site have been super helpful to many. I don’t think anyone disputes that. I think the original poster is pushing for some newer tutorials with the same quality Andre brought with the others. I personally would too. As for the 365 tricks why have they not been updated for such a long time?


I think that anyone asking Andre to do more videos, wants him to spend his time…making videos. I didn’t say that anyone said to drop all of what he has to do, but was making the point that, in all the things he has to do in life and business, making new trick videos is not a reasonable request with that list of things he has going on, especially considering the alternatives already available. That’s just my take on it. I don’t know how else he would make videos other than it consuming some of his time (that he uses for other things), unless he can work the Dark Magic and “poof,” make new videos appear. So, from that, I chose to look at all he has done in the past, and all he currently has to do and new trick videos…I could care less. It will clearly take some work, and his time to create videos. That cannot be disputed. Also, making videos of any kind are very time consuming, especially when people want slow motion and all that.

I see that you are not satisfied with the videos, but many of us are, and I’m one of those people. Even a thread like this with 10 people wanting new video, is just not going to do it. Again, I am not into all the high quality, slow motion stuff, so it means nothing to me. I think people should spend more time creating their own tricks, when they get past the fundamentals, that are already shown here. I view this like learning anything, such as in school, you have different teachers. Different teachers offer different things from different perspectives. One teaches first grade, another teaches sixth grade, different subjects, different styles and all that. I just don’t see why people are comparing Andre’s style of teaching with anyone teaching from a different perspective. I just think it is what it is, and he offers what he thinks will work well for what he wants to do, and I’m more than satisfied with that. For instance, hypothetically, if Andre decided to teach up to 6th grade, and does not want to teach grades 6 - 12, I’m fine with that. I see that he has done some work filming the Ben Conde stuff and all that, so he still creates new video for the site occasionally.

I don’t know what Andre’s thoughts are from a teaching perspective these days. But, if he decided to “retire,” from teaching, I’d respect that. We have more than one teacher for everything else in life, why yo-yo would be any different? I just think he should spend his time on other things that are more necessary and important. I hope that clarifies my point a bit better.


It may be a more efficient utilization of time to perhaps outsource the tutorials to trusted sources who would follow a standardized model for how to make the tutorial.

I’d like to see updated videos, but what is there now is fine. My biggest issues is copyright issues as YYE does not control copyright on all the Expert Village videos. I prefer it wen a company has the means to control all their content and own it.


TA, it seems you missed the part where I said they have good marketing already… and that this shouldn’t be their “top” priority (just top-3 marketing priority). The vast majority of your previous post was you agreeing with me, but wording it in such a way that it made it sound like you were countering a claim of mine…!

The only thing we don’t agree on is whether or not updated videos would be good marketing. I could go off on a tangent and not only re-state but delve deeper into why I think updated videos (not necessarily by Andre himself) would be the cornerstone of a forward-thinking marketing strategy focused on growth… I couldn’t back it with YYE’s metrics, so it might not mean a heck of a lot, but it would be an educated and professional opinion. But I think it might fall on deaf ears because you’ve made up your mind. :wink: The brief explanations I already gave would have been enough already if there was an opportunity to convince you the idea is a good one!