Tutorial subsection

I’ve seen another forum with this, and I think it would work pretty well here. It would prevent the trick or video section from being crowded with tutorials, and if you wanted to watch tutorials you could quickly look through that section. Would that work well?

I think the trick section is fine as it is.

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I think he means on the forum. “Videos” for … you know… videos showcasing yoyo play. “Tutorials” for lessons on how to do particular tricks.

I think it’s a worthwhile distinction!

How far would be want to chop it up?

Tricks: Showing off. Wait, that is kind of what the video section is for.
Tricks: Tutorials/how to
Tricks: Help with tricks

I could see it. I don’t go in that area to often here though so I don’t know how distracting things are in there.

Sometimes I’ve looked in the trick section, and 3/4 of the threads are tutorials. And sometimes I’ve decided to learn something, and they all hide two or three pages down. I just thought it would be nice to not have to search through stuff. Not that 30 seconds searching is that big of a deal. It’s just a minor annoyance. Maybe even less than that.