The "Tricks" page

So I have one and only one problem with this forum (as of now).

The “tricks” page doesn’t have any videos that show tutorials of tricks as it used to.

Instead all I see are “help with with this trick” or “what is this trick this guy is doing?”

NOW! I understand that the point of the tricks page IS to ask questions like these, however I think there are too many of these, and multiple posts ask about the same things.

I don’t know if there is any way to fix this, but you heard my problem.

The fix is you, the member. Make it what you will. has a lot less asking and a whole lot more showing.

why doesnt whoevers in charge of it make a seperate section for the “what is this trick people” and another for the showing of tricks

I totally agree

Not to take sides, but I don’t see the need to split up the tricks area into a “identify the trick” and “help me with a trick”. I just see it as two things under the same umbrella. If you’re asking what a trick is, you’re asking for HELP identifying a trick, and hence, that equates to trick help. The hances are, if you’re interested in what they just did, you’re probably wanting to also learn to do it.

That’s just my opinion.

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I would almost like to see a small text list of tricks that are broken down by the type of mount it starts with.

I am working on my first combo and am stuck at one point in a certain mount.

I think it would come in handy with people making up their own trick and give them a starting point where they (I…lol) can go search.