new trick section

alright so the trick section is alright but when i open it i look for tutorials on like hard tricks cause i’ve been yoyo’ing for probably (about 2 years)
but every time i open up a tutorial its either a beginner trick or just someone showing their trick i think they should change that
example the trick section opens to a page with more sections (beginner, intermediate, expert, master…and those all are for tutorials) and another section would be for help on tricks.

i feel when you get to that point, you don’t learn alot, you make alot.

a lot is 2 words… common mistake. btw, i like the idea

they already did that

Are you saying you want more challenging tricks?

I like the idea of having subsections in the Trick forum, but I don’t think sorting tricks out by difficulty is the best way to do it. The difficulty of a trick is highly subjective(i.e. each person finds different tricks difficult). Instead I think the Trick forum should be divided into two subsections: Need help with a trick and New Tricks/Tricks you made up.

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