Beginner's Section


When you first try this hobby, it’s unlike anything else out there. Because of this, it is very difficult to get started. The videos under the “learn” section are a great resource for learning tricks and getting started, but it isn’t all inclusive. Getting feedback on your problems is one of the biggest helpers out there, which is something videos cannot provide. With all of this in mind, I’m suggesting that we incorporate a Beginner’s area into the forums.

With this section, we can help people ease into this hobby easier, and help prevent more experienced users from getting headaches due to answering constant beginner questions. This will also help keep the forums less cluttered as it will give all of us beginners an area to keep our questions/comments condensed to.

I’d love to hear what you all think, and hopefully we can get my idea incorporated.


+1 :wink:
Good idea though!


But when would you be allowed to post in the big boy section? Magic Drop? Ladder Escape?


You would be able to spot where ever and whenever you wish. A beginner’s section would just be a place for the intro stuff, like how to get started, “Beginner” tricks, throws for beginners, tutorials for gettings started, etc.


I would like to see this, so questions like this wouldn’t be clogging the general board:


I messages Andre about this.

He said that a forum redesign is being made. This is one of the things ‘on the list’.


A redesign??? Whaaaaaat?


Awesome! I’m also glad to here that there is a redesign in the works. Thanks for taking the time to message him.



I bet it will look a lot like the blog’s new redesign. Which would be great!!! I can’t wait to see what new sections there will be!


Great idea. When I first got started I had a hard time figuring things out and it seemed like I couldn’t get help from anybody.


I know right! My first post was “which yoyo is better?” and was in yoyo reviews XD