i haz too many halp posts

im going to rip my hair out yye needs a sticky thread for all the newbies… i swear ive seen 20 posts from people that dunno what they are doing and it drives me crazy we need a sticky thread with all basic yoyoing things especially covering

sounds like a plan, I fully support your endevors. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I’m sure all the rest of us came in knowing everything we need to.
So Yeah, kids, GET A CLUE.

Helping others is part of being a community. However, you do not have to.

Lets say a 12 year old kid starts yoyoing and joins a forum, and starts getting better. One day, his bearing goes responsive. He asks others on the forum, but nobody bothers to help him. So, he puts his yoyo down and never comes back to it. This kid could have been really talented, and taught a lot of people many things, but he would never get that chance because no one helped him.

Don’t think that that exact thing hasn’t happened to someone.

thats not exactly how i mean for it to go
i just mean with the basic yoyoing info and if that doesnt solve their problem just make a help post

You mean something like this thread?

Just about anybody on the internet these days knows that every site has a search feature which normally will work

How ever this is a discussion forum.  We come here to discus stuff.  If you don’t want to help don’t.  But sticky would cause people to post less, and thus there would be less info on here.  Each time new people answer a question you get new info, since it is from a new source which probably has figure stuff out in a different way.  Things work different in different regions and such.  Like maintaining a bearing in Oregon where I live is different then in the super humid Brazilian rainforest.  So if you read what I put down and tried to apply it to your yoyo in brazil you will not have equally good results.  In other words, people explaining their way of doing something is great, and even though I have been yo-yoing for 20 years I still find new idea’s about maintenance, why/how to do a trick better and so on, normally right off the threads you are condemning. 
I say to you, just stop reading them.  I how ever like them.


So basically what you are saying is that we cant have Newbies asking for help? Come on.
Everybody was once a Newbie at yoyoing and didnt know much about the maintiance and how to solve their problems. So because of the new guys that are only asking for help and are not causing any trouble, we need a completely new section. That sounds pretty rediculous to me.

excuse me fine sir but can you read

5 seconds to type this post. If you don’t wanna take 5 seconds, then don’t answer… I’m pretty sure your life isn’t made that much worse because you see a “HELP! Bearing Responsive!” thread. And if it is, think of people who’re living in poverty and re-evaluate your life.

Well then what exactly what are you trying to do? Thats bassically what you were saying.

not trying to be mean just have a sticky with all basic info in general yoyo forum cause the sticky in mods and maintenance most people pass up and post what would have been resolved on that thread

ok, lets clear this up.what im hearing is that he wants a stikied thread for newbies. if someone post a need help thread we direct them to the stikied one, or just help them. so we will help them out, but make a whole new thread to reduce the newbies filling up posts with help they can get from the stikied thread

you get what im saying

thank you.

There already is some… it’s up to the individual to make the thread, and the mods sticky it if it’s awesome enough. Like Jayyo’s trading thread, the modifications thread, Samad’s bearing cleaning thread…

Doing that would defeat the purpose of having the dedicated sections. This wouldn’t end the threads for it, and the general yoyo section would just be VERY cluttered. I think it’s best the way it is now. The mods go a great job with sorting everything, and the amount of MOVED: threads has gone down.

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