Please, think before you post.

I have been on and off this forum for months now, mostly because whenever i come on here i see post that people have made months ago but yet people are still making threads about threads that have been discussed and are forgotten.

Please, on behalf of others around you, think before you post and if need be, use the Search icon on the toolbar.



Seriously. Use the search bar. Its there for a reason.

Any time I see a topic that has been posted in, I will refrain from helping them. Thanks Wilba.

Have Fun Searching,

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but is this really necessary?

It comes off as a bit… hostile. Perhaps a touch counterproductive for a website who’s main goal is intelligent exchanges and welcoming atmosphere?

Unless it’s your government-appointed duty to keep the Art of Yo elite, you shouldn’t scare off folks with overt hostility. Lots of folks in this hobby are young and/or new to forum etiquette. Threatening to withhold your assistance if they can’t comply, for whatever reason, probably isn’t good either. I know it’s frustrating to see the same things asked repeatedly. :-[

Perhaps an FAQ could be put together? Make it sticky and noticeable, and folks will read it. If they still don’t get it, THEN you can foam at the mouth, attack, and make origami animals with their internal organs. :wink:

i don’t think it really matters. if you want to ask a question go ahead. and why search for something when you can just ask? If you need help i say that someone should tell you from your own thread rather than trying to find your answers through that search bar. really i don’t see the problem with asking. and on another thought what if there new and really don’t know how to work this site all that well? all I’m saying is whats so bad about people just asking something they don’t know? it doesn’t hurt us in any way. the reason this for is hear is for players to ask for the help they need not go serching on there own. later.

keep it spinning

P.S go type in ball bearing on the search bar and see how many results come up. yea its just better to get your info strait to you rather than go look for it have a hard time doing it or even geting the wrong info. just something to think about.

You need to be a mod.

Seriously, Andeé, he would be the PERFECT moderator ;D

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Im not trying to anger people. but if you want to ask someething, search for it first. If you get an answer, well done. If you dont, go ahead and ask questions.

Im gonna have to agree with wilba and samad on this one… however I do think they could come about saying it a bit more nicely.

I also agree that there should definitely be a FAQ. If no one else wants to do it I could try to put one together (although don’t expect it to be anything perfect or pretty). Or better yet, the older members of this forum could put one together since they’ve been here longer and probably have better writing skills than me (I still don’t know how I got put into honors english lol).

If André would allow it, maybe we could take some posts from YYN, and copy them onto here, so long as we give credit to the original creator.

What do ya say André?

I’ll vote for him too lol

About Samad’s post regrading taking posts from YYN, I think that we should create new ones ourselves. This group has its own personality and personalities. The FAQ we create will be different from the YYN stuff and unique. Rather than duplicating stuff that can be found elsewhere, let’s create a unique place.

With that said, maybe a FAQ for people about “what yoyo is best?” Would be a good first attempt. I had suggested elsewhere that we could come up with maybe 6 different yoyos that a newbie might want to consider. Price could vary, skill level varies, style of play varies, you get the idea. We could get that together, sticky it and then no longer have to answer that question for the fiftieth time.

What do you think?

Erik (formerly JoeSchmo)