Asking for reviews

Recently, I realised many people asking for reviews. I was wondering, why are they doing that? They could use the search button or go to other websites to look at reviews. Personaly, I feel that these posts asking for reviews serve little or no purporse. I mean, most people would not buy the yoyos and review them just because of these posts, right? I do not mind people asking questions about the yoyos, but asking for reviews, is kind of pointless, isn’t it?
What do you think? :-\

I agree, but come on…

They must not know about every forum, and how to search well.

Its what the forum is made for anyways.

Just help them out, and then direct them to the search button afterward. If it bothers you that much, don’t click on the thread.

I’ll be honest, I will “post” a post for a review on a yoyo instead of looking for it. I don’t want to deal with the hassle and to myself it’s a nice way to see what a few people think of the yoyo. Time’s have changed for some of the posts on yoyos. Sometimes when you do searches people get so confused hunting for what you need.
So to fix that problem some people (myself include) just as people who have been yoyoing what would be a good solution. Mainly all I’m trying to get at is, if you see someone asking for a review, you can either:
A) Link them to a review so they can read one already done
B) Copy and paste the review for them to read
C) If you have knowledge of aforementioned yoyo’s then just write your own review.
This is not targeted at you Domin (as in I’m not saying your a bad person), this was really just an overwrite for everyone who reads this. Lets all try to help out our lost companions. We all know that finding a yoist is hard to begin with so lets help out people who want to be a decent yoyoer.

I couldn’t agree more. They should use a the “search” button, But if their new to the forums, like samad said, “help them out, and then direct them to the search button afterward”.

So instead of searching yourself, you’re just going to pass the work on.

It seems to me like you want everything served on a golden plate.

I myself don’t mind searching up reviews for others, but I don’t like it if people make posts just to get other people (including me) searching. I have nothing against helping people, I’ll do that with pleasure, but I don’t want to run errands for people just because they don’t want to do it themselves. In other words, I’ll gladly help with things that people can’t figure themselves, but if they know how to do it, but just pass it on to me, I feel like a slave.

I’m happy with how things are now. When someone asks for a review, I just suppose they don’t know how to search, then try my best to help. If it is about a yoyo I don’t know anything about, I just don’t do anything.

Let’s not forget that sometimes it’s difficult to find certain posts. When you search for anything, it brings up every thread that has that word even mentioned once.

Sometimes it’s not until 8 pages in that you will find a review, and it takes a fine tooth comb to find it.

So true

This is basically a “why don’t people newer members (and sometimes older ones) use the search button” thread. And, in all the time forums have been around, this forum has plagued every single one of them. People just don’t know it’s there or how to use it effectively. Just something you have to deal with.

I agree with Jonas there. It’s not very nice to have other people do the work for you.

But sometimes one person may have a link to another topic that has that review. No searching needed, and thus the only hassle is for the poster to make the thread and the reply-er to hit copy and paste.

I love your posts…haha you always have to critisize people. On the contrary, i think it’s a positive contribution…


Yup, I pay more emphasis on commenting what’s wrong instead of praising all the good stuff. If you don’t comment on the bad stuff, people won’t care to fix it.

I still think I should be a bit more ‘happy’ when posting in this forum, I just end up not being so. I also fell that I don’t get to help as many people as I used to. Pretty sad stuff.