Does it annoy anyone else when someone posts that something like “my yoyo went responsive! What do I do?! How did it happen?! How don’t fix it?! Why is my middle finger bigger than my index finger?!?!?!?!” It seems like it happens all the time and it seems like their life is going to end because they broke a $10 yoyo.


Yes, but these posts complaining about them are more so.


I cry when my waffles say hi.

Why cry, it is only saying hi. mine does this regularly

my waffles cry when i eat them

It doesn’t annoy me, because the people that post those questions obviously are new. However, you’ve been on here long enough to know that these posts are unneeded.

People do this because they don’t know what’s wrong. Also, yoyoers are also often thirteen year old kids who truly can’t afford another yoyo. One can’t be annoyed by beginners because they’re beginners. They have to start somewhere. If you want it to stop annoying you, HELP THEM so they can fix their problem.

If you don’t feel like helping just pass on by. Most new forum members don’t even notice that there is a search function. I bet a lot of people become members just to ask a few questions.

There are trends in threads, similar stuff over and over. Why? Not sure really, that’s just how it is sometimes. Nothing wrong with passing on threads that you are getting annoyed with, someone will help, you needn’t feel obligated to read or respond.

I hope we answered your priority question quickly enough. :slight_smile:


I’m not saying I mind answering the question, I often help whenever possible, but I was talking about how they use terrible grammar, and constantly use exclamation points. I would just rather them simply state what is wrong and wait patiently for a reply.

Don’t be so harsh. Of course it may be annoying, but think about when YOU first started out. Weren’t you ever in a similar situation? You been around long enough. You should know if you make a thread like this, especially a topic like this, prepare to be flamed.

New people need help. The problem is that despite the rules suggesting that people search the forum for answers, it’s a lot easier for new people to just post a cry for help. Plus, they can mark the thread to email them notifications that help them get answers.

We have choices.

We can ignore or do nothing. Yeah, I get sick of seeing the same thing over and over again, but I just can’t ignore helping someone if I can help. I should just write some responses and copy/paste them to save time. My nature makes me want to help.

We can help. That’s my choice. Not everyone needs to chime in, as there are enough here willing to drop some knowledge.

We can make fun of it and/or complain about it. However, this discourages new players and doesn’t contribute anything productive.

I don’t care if some noob has a $10 yoyo or was blessed by something way more expensive than they should have(especially if it’s a new player). We seem to forget that for kids, $10 could be a LOT of money. When I was in Vietnam, what we consider inexpensive is very expensive for them over there. In many cases, players wanting the “good stuff” simply will never be able to afford it. I had a fun Facebook chat with one such player while I was in Vietnam. While I can drop $100 on a yoyo and not have to think about it much, for him, even a $65 Capless is not a possibility for this player. For some kid, that $10 could be their prized possession. We don’t know how important a yoyo may be to some kid, and it’s not our place to judge. To me, it’s all the same. If someone wants help, I’ll help if I can.

I won’t deny seeing the same stuff over and over again gets tired. Remember a few months back when there were a handful of people asking the same question, which was “which is the best 4A yoyo” and it was basically down to the Fiesta XX and Go Big that the posters were interested in. It seemed none of the users bothered to see if they were in the same boat as someone else.

Either help if you can, or simply pass it over. That’s all I can offer.

I only see that every so often. Not often enough to make a rage thread about it. I would rather everyone use correct grammar and spelling, but it just simply won’t happen.

In some ways, it’s actually a good thing that they want to find the answer to their questions urgently. This just means that they’re that antsy to get back to yoyoing. I can’t hate anyone that just wants more time throwing and less time waiting around. :wink:

Some of these people are young and haven’t been through multiple years of English critique in a classroom yet. I bet if you could look at some stuff you wrote in 7th grade you’d be like “Wow, I was an idiot”. (If you’re still in 7th grade… just wait lol)

Some of you guys have no idea how good you have it. Back in the day, they didn’t even have spell check. There are archived forums and looking at the posts in them is quite an interesting experience, cuz most of them have tons of errors in spelling etc

Heck, I remember dial up you couldn’t even pick up the phone without being kicked off. And everyone depended on that one phone. So when you had time online, you didn’t have time to nit-pick people’s spelling/grammar, you just surfed as much as you could in the limited time and extremely slow speed you had.

You just brought back some of my worst experiences. I remember I was so happy when I made the big jump from that 28k modem to a 56k. Wow, double the speed! Those were the AOL days. You get to do the robot dance while listening to that modem sign on.
And then came DSL…

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This was on the second to last page of the OP’s posts. You’ve been there before, man. I think we all have. If you hold your mouse over a thread title it’ll show the first sentence or two of the thread. This is usually a good way to filter out things I want to read from things I don’t want to read.

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28K? 56K?

I started on a 300 baud modem. It was incredible when I moved to a 1200 baud. And you can imagine my excitement when I got my first high-speed modem, a 14.4K.


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Lol greg

And now that Canada is rocking a 56k standard, it’s party time! You guys still pay by the minute up there?

Yup. And if there’s not enough credit in your account, they simply close the valve and shut off your supply of internet!

I can’t help but imagine some guy in a parka and boots walking around the frozen north checking Internet meters and saying “eh” a lot.