Answering your questions - proactively!


I’ve decided to put up answers to questions I’ve seen too many times:

May this save some of you some time.


The first one on part 2 helped me a lot, thanks studio.


Awesome! Great idea ;D

I love your answer for the first one xD


Part 11, last one. I just about died of laughter!


If you were aiming to waste your time on something useless, job well done!
If you actually had intentions of helping new people to get into yoyoing, you failed terribly.

I myself am quite new to yoyo, and would advise anyone not to read that Q/A. You have around 50 questions, most of the time with 5 duplicates for the same question, most of which you refuse to answer being rude and sarcastic for no apparent reason. All in all, your Q/A has about 5 slightly useful answers, that are unfortunately hindered by your opinions and by lack of depth.

If a completely new yoyoer were to read your Q/A, they’d think the yoyo community is made of douchebags that believe yoyoing is harder than rocket science, who waste their time writing something useless and can’t even use proper grammar. I’m sure they’d give up then and there on even picking up the hobby.

I strongly urge everyone not to share this Q/A in this current state, specially with new yoyoers.

And if you think I’m being rude for no reason, you should try reading your own Q/A and learn what’s useless and rude, what a waste of my time.


Jeez! He was just joking around! Studio (the guy who made this q/a) has helped soooo many yoyoers in this community, everybody knows him so we obviously know he’s kidding. Sadly, studio has left ge forums, and has helped more yoyoers than I could ever think of helping.


Yes, Studio42 was probably one of the most helpful and informative members in the yoyoing community, and has made great contributions as well. This was a joke; as stated above, Studio has helped countless throwers along their journey, and was a great member of the forum. There are very few who have given as much as he has to the yoyoing world. He was NOT a “*****”, he just had a sense of humor, and posted this as one of his little jokes that he liked to make.

It’s okay though, you’re new to the forums, so you wouldn’t know any of the above, but at least you know for future reference! Chances are, if you look up a question on the forums, Studio has a page long post to answer it!

Anyway, welcome to the start of your journey! We’re all here to help, and I promise, our answers will be more serious than Studio’s little page–At least most of them. :slight_smile:



Man, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the lion enclosure


The funny part is a lot of these were based off of the “Can I go to the bathroom?” “I don’t know, can you?” ;D And Part 3 number 14 KILLED me.


Most of the time he’s serious and very helpful. He made this on his last days here, let him have his fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Its comedy! Some of you guys cant take a joke…

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You seem stressed, perhaps you should pick up a YoYo.

I hear they’re very relaxing.


You seem tense. Trying throwing and taking your anger on some tricks rather than taking it out on Studio42, one of (if not the) most helpful, thoughtful, informative, and gentlemanlike guy on the forums. Congratulations on the first impresiion on me.


I’m not angry at all, I just don’t like wasting my time. I myself thought the link was useful and read it, only to waste my time with jokes that aren’t even funny or well thought out.
When you say he’s helpful and kind in the forums, you’re supporting what I wrote, as this Q/A is of no use to anyone and does not live up to his name.

If this was a made as a joke, I failed to see the notice for it, and thought it was written as a newbie yoyo FAQ, my apologies.

As for throwing, I have been, way too much actually, my fingers are all burnt and strangled from these babies.


I understand, felipe. You’re obviously new. If I were new to a forum, I wouldn’t know every person and his or her status among the community either. But just for the record, Studio IS one of the most helpful people on the forum.


Everyone has to take a break from being serious. Being a very active poster (he has the most posts on this forum. Not only that, but many of them are long, multi paragraph answers that are thoughtprovoking, unbiased, and thorough), he very much deserves this break. I won’t think of you as rude as you are quite new around here. But don’t even try to say things like this to people such as Studio42, who has busted his butt for any noob.


Notice that at no point did I insult Studio42, I simply complained about the text he wrote. I understand he took a break from the forums and is not here to reply to my ranting, but all I did was give my honest opinion on that specific Q/A that he wrote.


I’m not going to argue, but insulting his work insults the man.


Its all cool guys, I was pretty mad too, but it’s no biggie.

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General yo majesty, spyy revenger, yyf ricochet.

What is this amateur hour?