NEW Forum Expert!!! Congratulations to...


We are bringing the Forum Expert recognition award back to YoYoExpert after another long pause between naming Experts.

Yes - it has been another long time but is needed as there are a lot of people who have been strong helpers in the forum making it the amazing resource and community it is today! We thank each and everyone of you who have contributed and look forward to recognizing more of our wonderful members.

A big change we made last year was rather then naming one every month we are going to call it when we see it. When we feel that we have found an individual showcasing these characteristics in their posts and writing deserving of recognition we will name a new expert. It is not necessarily the person with the “most” posts - remember quality over quantity here.

This means that it does not happen every month - or it may happen more then once a month. We take feedback from current forum experts and moderators in making this decision and will be making more of an effort to award this more often.

And without further adieu… Our first newest Forum Expert is:


Read his profile on the forums expert page by clicking his name!

Congrats to Studio42 and we look forward to naming many more this year!

Remember we want to support those that take that extra effort to help others, who take the time to write legible posts, and take the time to research information and properly present it in their forum posts. These are the kind of people that help you with a trick instead of telling you to search for it yourself. These are the kind of people that post a video as an example or give encouragement and advice.

Keep up the amazing work everyone.

We also have some fun things planned for tomorrow here at the forums - so keep an eye here during the day! :wink:


Since Studio is away at Disneyland, I will be more than happy to except this award on his behalf. (maybe YYE sent him on an all expense paid trip there for winning!)

Congrats buddy! Well deserved, and maybe I’ll join you on the ranks here one day. Best wishes!






YAY :slight_smile:


Congrats Studio42!!! Let’s give a shout out to one of the most helpful members of YoyoExpert!!


I knew this had to be coming soon.
Congratulations :slight_smile:


Great job!!!


I agree with the congrats but it’s Studio42


Finally! a forum expert that actually helps people! Congrats!


Dang. That’s embarrassing lol.

(Troy(oyo) #12

Saw it coming. :wink:



Quick! Modify your post!


I had a feeling that this was gonna happen after seeing all of his long, helpful posts. Gratz!!! ;D


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

(DOGS) #16

The question is, who didn’t see this coming. He’s a straight up awesome and helpful guy.


Elephark didnt.

(⛷) #18

Big congrats for studio!


true that!


Well Deserved!

Ive personally gone to him several times for questions. Whether it be for a recommendation, or the basics of yoyoing. Hes always willing to help!

Great job Studio24!