YoYoExpert Forum Expert! BIG NEWS!

Awhile back, I Pm’ed Andre asking him when the next eXpert’s would be released. He relpied to me this morning that the next Forum Expert will be released TODAY! Your next two Forum Experts have been chosen! Announcement comming today! :o :slight_smile:

Sweet!!! ;D

Yup, Its Jayyo, Dyonch, Evan, DYonch or GM. If its not, I’ll…

Rsmod123!!! Come-on! You can do it!

Dyonch and Jayyo are off a lot. They always make good posts, but they seem to post VERY rarely. My best guesses are Rsmod123, Evan or Samad.

My choices:

Samad (Again)
Kim-Lan (Again)
gm user
Spencer L.

I can almost guarantee one of them is the next Forum eXpert.
I can fully guarantee one of these people is the next Forum eXpert:

Well, of course, silly! :slight_smile:

It shows all of us! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s true. :wink: :smiley:

Haha. ;D

rsmod and Jayyo! PLEASE WIN!!! :wink:

PLEASE! Announce them already! I cant take it anymore! :smiley:

Same here!

I wanna know! ;D

I’m going crazy. I need to know NOW.

I’ll go to Andre’s house and make him tell me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or go to A2Z and ask… ;D

Please do. ;D

You can at least hold yourselves until André logs on.

Addment: Give the man a break. He’s already got enough work keeping control of you restless kids.

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Yeah. ;D

Hey! I’m not a kid! Exactly…

Restless Kids? :cry: JK.