Announcement of Forum eXperts!

So this is far far far over due and we at YoYoExpert very much apologize for it.
Things have been a little crazy. Business has been good and yo-yo contests as well as work on the newly installed shopping cart took a lot of our time and energy (the new system more then anything else - it doesn’t look too different to the user but its huge for us in terms of power and programming). :slight_smile:

We do plan to announce the forum eXperts and will be doing so here TONIGHT.

The cool part is these individuals do not know who they are yet…
They are however very deserving and we look forward to naming them eXperts.

We have a lot of new exciting things in the near future too so this fall/winter should be awesome.

Check back at this thread later tonight - not going to say exactly when - its a surprise. :wink:


Woah!!!Soo Awesome…and they don’t know it yet!!!

IN PLURAL!!! That means double trouble.

And NICE job on not letting them know. I’m so PSYCHED that I’m using CAPS now!!!

PLEASE!!! let ONE of them be a MOD…


soo true!

YES! I can’t wait! JM is going to be one of them! I just know.


its me guys :stuck_out_tongue: jk i think its jm and gm user :smiley:

Neither of you knows lol. ;D

Hence the down face, he said no one knows, lol.

Sweetness! I can’t wait for tonight! ;D

Okay André, if JM isn’t one of them… watch your back. You are fully aware I am a ninja, so be careful man. Be careful.

But seriously, this is awesome.

Looking forward to it.

I just realized it can’t be. He said he is naming them “eXperts”


LOL, Samad! I will be greatly dissapointed if JM isn’t a mod or expert. I also think it could be gm user, or Apetrunk.

gm user, SR, and Adam for sure!

its only 2

JM is a defininite, and a tie between gm user or Xdohl

TOnights AWESOME! A House marathon and now two eXperts! And its tottaly a surprise!

Thanks, but I know it’s not going to be me. I have much too learn before I become an eXpert, if I ever have the chance to get one. :-\ I think it’s JM and gm user.