Forum eXperts of

forum eXperts of

Here at we know how important it is that everyone help each other whether it be through advice, guidance, or friendly encouragement.

We want you to know we watch the forums closely and see all of you contributing in many wonderful ways. This is why we have started the “forum eXperts” of

Just what is it exactly?

As mentioned we want to support those that take that extra effort to help others, who take the time to write legible posts, and take the time to research information and properly present it in their forum posts. These are the kind of people that help you with a trick instead of telling you to search for it yourself. These are the kind of people that post a video as an example or give encouragement and advice. You get the idea.

When we feel that someone has gone above and beyond as a member, we will pick an individual showcasing these characteristics in their posts and writing. It will not necessarily be the person with the “most” posts - remember quality over quantity here.

This selected member will be sent a signed certificate as an official Forum Expert at as well as a Dark Magic bearing the special edition National Master caps (note: color of yo-yo will vary).

We want to encourage all of you to learn and grow from each other and we look forward to creating an amazing community of leaders in the yo-yo world.

Members of the forum who are chosen twice for this award will be considered as official moderators for the forum in a given section of their choice.

View our eXperts here:
Make the Simple Amazing.


Sounds good, André. I’m sure that this will be a great way to support better quality in the posts on these forums.

Great idea! It’ll make many other people want to help!

DocRobot! I don’t know if we can nominate people yet, but I choose DocRobot! Whos with me?

I nominate you, Samad.

DocRobot and samad, DocRobot found out the truth about ________ the scammer and quality posts. Samad for always giving websites, links, videos, his opinion, others opinion, and the cold hard truth! Also he always respondes and has new ideas! ;D

well samad seems to stand a horribly high chance o.0 600+ quality posts :wink:

Yes -my new catch phrase soon- No offence have you gone back and checked everyone of his post is quality? EVERYONE? I would beleive that they could be because samad is a great guy but not all of your posts are really quality


If you count how much Samad has helped people, it’s way more than anyone else. He’s helped me a lot and has provided a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to the forums.

Yes, he has to everyone- that is why 7/8s of the people will nominate him. He welcomed me also and has helped MANY times- but he may not have always done a quality post No offence

Yup, I’ll be nominating him right now myself. :wink:

I nominate Samad, for reasons too numerous to mention.

Samad, is my pic he is there and always was kind to the nub that i was :slight_smile:

Great idea Andrè! There are many excellent choices on the site

great cant wait i want that stuff bad

I believe that this is an excellent idea. It encourages good quality posts. One question though, can someone be nominated more than twice?

Even though all of docrobots posts have been extremely well written, I have to say that samad is one of the nicest and most helpful people on the site.

You can be nominated as many times as Andre feels you deserve. One thing to remember, Andre chooses who gets the award. “Nominating” people will do nothing.

O wow I feel really stupid then :stuck_out_tongue:

I still really like the idea though.

I think andre should choose some ok posters that are on a lot to nominate say who they think and give like 3 examples. Or something along those lines… :slight_smile:

I hope I haven’t rubbed you the wrong way, eight! I know a lot of times when I speak people find it a touch… umm… “abrasive” at times. I understand this often makes it’s way into my written word. I apologize if this has ever been the case for you or anyone else here.

Or maybe I’m just interpreting your post wrong. :cry:

See? DocRobot even apologizes for the community!

A vote for DocRobot is a vote for FREEDOM…m’kay, perhaps I got kinda carried away there.