people you think should be forumeXperts!


these are people who have been helpful and deserve the title:


who do you guys think shoud be forumexperts?



(Jei Cheetah) #3

Agree 100%
He is one of the most helpful in all of the forum, and its amazing he doesnt have this title yet.

I6ify for eXpert



Level headed, nice, and quite clever.

I see no other choice.


Frozen bee for expert!!! I got lots of help :slight_smile:


Trace for Administrator!


hahaha yes! and a brony admin would make sure no discrimination against bronies happens…


Discrimination? It’s a fandom, not a race…

But some in touch moderation would be nice.


yeah lol youre right. im being quite touchy today hahah :slight_smile:


i6ify is awesome! That, and jayyo…but jayyo is already one, isn’t he? Soooo…yeah. If i6ify was on a bit more, it might help him. then again, I see him a lot, so i dunno. I would love that title, but I would feel weird, even though I’m almost 19. I have only been in charge of a few Volunteer events with the MS Society, so who knows. Maybe, just maybe, I will achieve my dream…But i6ify is better, I’m sure of it.


i6ify turned 18 a few weeks ago.


Well…thanks. Now I feel REALY OLD! jk, but still. either way, I’m sure he would do a great job, and I firmly believe I would, as well.


Steve Brown.


You…are… absolutely right!!!


Jayyo/Josh Yee was… 16 when he got eXpert I think.


I think we should mention Shadowz. He is almost always on the forums, and has done a remarkable amount of posting in under a year.


That’s a very good point! And I do agree! There’s a few peeps who I think deserve it, shadowz, i6ify, and one other should get it…can’t remember his UN though…sheesh


these people are all great choices. to add to the pool, banjospins. he’s great.


Shadowz is awesome, great yo-yoer too! I can be helpful at times, but my help is limited. I’m one of those people, I either know something, or I don’t, I never pretend though…pretty straightforward. Thanks Supbreh’. I learn from Fellavader all the time…great guy! I6ify love reading his posts!

(laxdude99) #20