forum experts

Why hasn’t there been a someone dubbed forum expert in a while???
According to this, there hasn’t been one since 2010.
Just wondering.
Yup, only wondering, not super, super,super curious.

cuz the people on this forum are not considered helpful enough, or beneficial enough. i mean, look at me, 1k posts and no helpfullness. Ah’ ain’t that helpful, merely a tad witty.


I think they need a new expert. some of the old ones who are still active (not mentioning names) are really unhelpful I’m surprised they got expert in the first place.

although no ones else is really that helpful either haha, which is perhps why there arn’t new experts?


oh yeah, forgot that part :smiley:

I think they got lazy.

(There goes my chance at ever being a forum expert. ;D)

none worthy yet…

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AGREED! AND I am pretty sure i wont be :smiley:

Nobody so far has been proved legit enough.
And you know its true.

Although I have noticed a particular few being helpful around here.
Only a matter of time before someone joins the rank of us eXperts.


cough Studio42 cough

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*cough studio42(new to throwing but amazingly helpful) CarlG(i dunno if hes new or old but he generally is one of the few who give REAL anwsers not just ripping on people or asking the same things over and over) *cough yah i have a coughing problem

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Aww, thanks! usually, i just give a bit of wit, the real answer, more wit, and a nice “have a good day” or the like, and explain the real answer in another way, when i feel EXTRA HELPFUL. :smiley:

im about 7 or 8 months in.

note to self: learn to be Q so you can do 2 thank yous.

Ahhhh, my sinuses are acting up again (I can’t believe I forgot the some of most helpful people!) Cough PatrickCondon, CarlG cough

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I… I’m HELPFUL? :3

Hehehe, thank you for the mention.

my reaction exactly(when he said I was helpful). alright, and you :wink:

What about m-… Oh wait. Nevermind

heh, lol

I think that Studio42 is a great user with more then quality posts. And once he learns a little more he will be perfect for the title.

I totally agree.

Yup me too