The next Forum eXpert is...

not here. But, who do you think is the next Forum eXpert? I can’t wait to hear. I have created this post just to get a picture of it. I nominate Xdohl!

But, Rsmod!

Yeah! Definetly Rsmod123!

Haha thanks for the support guys ;D But i think its gonna be Jayyo, xdohl or DYonch.

P.S. It isn’t me ;D

Next time.

Ha ha totally agreed…

Not me =]

I think it will be Jayyo, Gm User, or like you said JM - I can Haz Yo Yo, Rsmod123! These guys have contributed so much to this site and they should be all be fourm eXperts!

ME!!! Lol jk, I think Jayyo , RSmod, GM, or evan

I nominate JM-I can Haz Yo Yo?

ME :]
haha jk, probably GM, jayyo, or rsmod ;]

I agree to all of you guys

I think it should be RSMod, Jayyo, GMUser, or XDohl. A lot of people do great stuff for the forum, those names just stick out.

I talked to gm user, and Xdohl, and its not neither of them :’(

But here is something Xdohl pointed out to me: Why is it taking so long for our eXpert to be announced? Because he hasn’t had time to put up his bio, as he hasn’t been posting at YYE in a little while for a medical reason!

But if it isn’t Jayyo, I would really want it to be DYonch. Great guy.

Rsmod123!!! I know you can! (Hopefully) Andre hasn’t been on very much lately. Like he forgot about us… :frowning: I know he didn’t. At least he answers messages quickly!

That’s nice, the one time my name is pointed out it isn’t even Capitalized :stuck_out_tongue:

Samad for Mod.

So, the possible choices are:
Or any of the past “eXperts”/
Who is it? ???

Maybe he hasn’t even told the eXpert that they are eXpert yet and is saving it to announce with July’s eXpert. Just a theory.

Hopefully not…

That rhymed :o

You should be a rapper! :stuck_out_tongue: