Here they are: THREE Forum eXperts named!

As mentioned this is much over due.

There are A LOT of people that have made this forum the amazing place it is today but we always want to recognize a few that we feel have gone above and beyond.

So without further delay…

Drum roll please…

Almost there…

The First forum eXpert (for July)…

APETRUNK - a great guy bringing a lot of good to this forum!!!

The Second eXpert (for August)…

JM - Always with a quick and informative post!

And the third and ‘honorary’ forum eXpert…

DrYoYo - for without his help - well I don’t want to think what that would be like again. :wink:

Again congrats to ApeTrunk, JM, and DrYoYo - your new forum eXperts. Their profiles will be updated very soon. :wink:

Lets all give them the congratulations and thanks they deserve!
All should remember that just because your name isn’t here yet doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your help. Keep up the good work. We appreciate everyone’s help in making this the wonderful and welcoming community it has become!


Congratz to all!



YES! Congrats to all of you. I knew JM and Apetrunk would be it! YAY!

Congrats you guys! Too bad Xdohl didn’t make it. :frowning:

Happy Throwing! =]

congrats guys…

Yay! Congratulations guys! :slight_smile:


Thanks Andre, means a lot to me. I think there are so many great ppl here, and this can’t be an easy thing each month.

And thank you all!

Tricky Tricky lol. Thanks Andre

Congrats to you all guys. With great skill, comes great responsibility :smiley:

Woah… now André gets to be safe :stuck_out_tongue:

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well andre must have changed things around becasue usually i think that he would ask the experts to wright a little auto bio

btw so Chris was a mod and then an expert?
what does that make him now?
just a mod?

lol i just notcied that andre thanked you for the post :smiley: :smiley:

So Andre… is dryoyo the September eXpert? Or what?

it says honorary so no there will be a september

Congrats! Better luck next time Paolo!

Cool and congrats! It say’s Apertrunk is the June expert… but on the Expert’s page it states Jayyo is the June expert

Hmm… weird, PM Andre if you want.

He fixed it.