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Yes, its me again, the most legit person on all of yoyoexpert.

But all that aside, I wanted to take the time to apologize for my post the other day.

Essentially, for those who missed it, I made a post where I called everyone out on the forum calling them losers, dweebs, said that I didn’t know why I bothered to be around the forums anymore. It was made to be a joke thread but was apparently taken seriously As I was banned for a bit there.

Anyways, I want to say that I am sorry for my actions and such a thread will not be up again.

On that note, I missed the opportunity but I have noticed that there is another forum eXpert! Who is Studio42! I want to say major congrats to him. I have been a forum expert for a long time and in very due time, Studio will be pretty close to my level of awesome. I see it happening soon. We are here to make the forum a better place. Great to have him aboard the league of awesome!

I also want to say one thing. I know that many of you seem to think that my attitude changed quite a bit on the forums. And this is understandable. Lots of stupid stuff has been happening these past few months, and basically, I got tired of being the nice guy. People who I thought were friends ended up just using me cause they knew I was nice and couldn’t help but to help out with stuff. I found out that I was being used by about 10 people who I seriously considered good friends. Well those people fail, and I was stupid not to notice that they were just using me.

But throughout that, I was just done with it, I couldn’t go living thinking that people were just gonna use me and end up ditching me in the long run like these individuals did. So I decided to change my attitude, no more Mr nice guy. If people are gonna want to be a friend to me, they’ll have to deal with who I am.

Some may not agree with my actions, whatever. I am who I am, and you know, who I am now, was probably who I always was. So take it or leave it. I don’t regret any of the advice (no matter how harsh I was) that I have given, and I do NOT take any of it back.


I am glad to be back on YYE. Hopefully I can help this place get back to how it used to be. A place for fun, community, and no nonsense rules and communist power.

Anyways, glad to be back, talk to you all later as you know, my incredible self will.

And thanks to all my enthusiastic little admirers!




Great to see you back, Jayyo. I honestly didn’t even notice you left… but I wanted to say that you shouldn’t change, because of a few people using you. I mean we all get used at some point and time, and we deal with it and move on and continue to be the person that we are and always will be.

I understand that you don’t want to be “Mr. Nice Guy” anymore, because of this, but hopefully you will change back to that attitude and make this forum a better place to just hang out and talk about yo-yos like regular kids, teens, and adults.


glad to see you back!



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Good because if that situation ever occurs again your in Prison for 6 Days.
Glad to see you have changed.


Glad to see you back.

I havent personally conversed with you, but ive read alot of your advice in numerous threads.




Welcome back! If the admin here sees fit to give you a shot, I’m all for it. I was going to try to find some other method of contacting you and get to the root of this and see about getting some sort of resolve, even though that’s over-stepping my bounds as to what I’m expected to do.

While I will never achieve your level of yoyo awesomeness, I’ll be legit in my own way at some point in time. I have a lot of learning to do. But, as a Forum eXpert now, I have to step up my game! Look out! Knowledge, skills and participation in the community. I’m gonna be all over it!

But, on a more personal note, I look forward to the day we meet. If you ever need to reach out, my phone number is on all my postings(in my signature).

I got my own issues to deal with, ranging from issues with depression, deadlines, crazy scheduling and other stuff. We all deal with things differently. I just have learned to compartmentalize and keep my focus. But, it comes from years of doing what I do.

While I haven’t appreciated all of your recent activities(and I missed the one that got you in trouble), you’ve also posted some stuff that’s been really good, helpful and inspirational. You just have to find your method of outlet. I can’t do song writing since my gear is torn down(it takes up a lot of space!). So I will do creative writing or, well, these days, throw.

This place has been fun, useful and helpful. Recently you’ve been detracting from that and had been rubbing the forum and at least this little community and the administration the wrong way, or at least that’s what I feel. While Jayyo the person is constantly changing and evolving and growing and we can’t always expect a “happy friendly” Jayyo to show, we just need a Jayyo who isn’t going to be stirring up a swirling mess of crap.

So again, the offer stands. You ever need a friend, you got my number. You want to vent, I’ll listen(provided I’m not on the phone doing something else or in a position where I can’t take the call). You want my personal email, PM me and you’ll get it. Too lazy? If you can figure out my first name and my domain and know where to put the @ symbol, that will get to me if it can get past my anti-spam filters. Heck, want to come to one of my gigs, I’ll see what I can do, as I even just got one booked at the Fairmont in SF in early 2012. I think the music would help center you. And that’s legit!

I believe in you. I’m all for 1st Amendment stuff because I work in entertainment. At the same time, we need to understand that while it may be a right in the United States, the law for the sovereign nation of YYE may be a bit different as it’s “private property”. Every corner of the internet has its rules. I’m planning on upgrading to a new server in my house to replace 4 aging servers(web, 2 domain/file & print servers with DNS and an email server), and I’m planning to add a forum, so I a seeing what I need to expect to deal with. Not because I will have a yoyo area in the forum, but because this sort of thing can happen anywhere. Of course, whether or not you come to my forum is entirely up to you. But you will be welcomed if you show.

Oh, you might want to text me first or something so I can save your number into my phone and assign it a ring tone(default is silent). I don’t much answer calls I don’t recognize these days. Voicemail has been my buddy!


You need typing mittens


welcome back jayyo… and sorry you got “things” going on… i know what its like to be betrayed by people you trust… just wanna say, i hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel :wink:


I’m glad to see that your willing to recognize you maybe made a mistake.

I think jayyo is trying to figure out who he really is and it’s a process we all go through, especially in the teen years.

Just remember, because those other 10 people were mean to you, doesn’t mean you have to be mean to others, especially on a yoyo forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Jayyo,

Thank you for your apology. I for one have not known you for very long and have only seen your posts here and there and even private messaged you when I was upset about some of the tactics you used. Most of what I have seen have been pretty lame posts and sad attempts at humor. However, I want to apologize for judging on the outside instead of taking the time out to find out that there was really things bothering you causing you to say some of the things you have said. I hope you forgive me for that.

As for the community, what we have to understand is that if you don’t like this community the only people to blame are us. We are the community. It is how we type, what we say, how we treat others, which determines how we all get along and work together. Another unique aspect with this community, besides my unwavering belief that everyone on here, regardless of how they act, are really good people. I have never found a community like the yoyo community. Also there are unique aspects to this community that there are young kids, teenagers, young adults, young parents (like myself) and older wiser yoyo Gods! Like Studio 42! LOL J/k!

But, we have to also realize that even though we are community, we are also a family. We are not going to agree every time, we are not going to be able to work everything out. But, what we can know is that we are genuinely good people who enjoy a hobby with a passion unlike anything else I have seen. Long as we stick to the reason we are here in the first place. I truly believe that everything else will fall into place. I for one am glad you are back.

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Wow, I miss all the good stuff.

Glad to hear this situation, whatever it was, has been resolved.

Now let’s all go play yoyo and get on with our lives :slight_smile:


that was very nice of you to apologize.


So…I find this is important enough for me to actually post.
Jayyo, I’m glad to see that you’ve finally come around, and I hope you will stay true to this apology. These forums are delicate enough without disruptive role models, no matter how funny they are.
I’m glad you’ve apologized for that thread (twas quite funny if you got it) and I hope to always seeing the Jayyo we know and love on these forums, you are part of the heart of it. Espessially now that some great members seem gone (Samad, Kim-Lan, ect.)
Stay legit bro

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It takes a great man to be right, and a greater man to admit when he’s wrong. It’s good to know the old Jayyo is back. An apology to you is probably in order too. I was probably a bit over reactive to some of you posts. Anyways, glad it all worked out in the end.


You might have had 10 people poop on you, but you got a few hundred peeps on this board that have your back!


I have your back man. I have watched all of your videos in hoping to possibly learn any of the legit tricks you do. Man there’s no need to apoligize, just simply lighten up a bit on the sarcastic jokes, and maybe some of the throwers can accept who you are and learn what sarcasm is >:( Any time you post they either praise you or yell at you because they took a joke wrong. I’m sorry people used you, it happens, you just have to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Studio has your back and so do I and everyone else on the forum. Stay legit bro ;D.



congrats on being unbanned :smiley:


Glad to see the real you back, Jayyo. I only met you once, hope to meet you again. Glad you feel better.


Gone are the days of Yo7yo and Praneflak (if you don’t know, you’ve missed much), and back is the helpful Jayyo. Welcome back, and apology accepted.