Message and challenge to the community.

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Please watch before reading on.

On that note, I encourage you guys to try this, don’t feel nervous about shooting someone a message. If Hiroyuki Suzuki inspired you to be greater, send that guy a message. I can pretty much assure that anyone will appreciate it.

I really want to thank the yoyo community for being legit. One of the most touching moments for me happened back in 09 after I found out from the doctors that I had a brain tumor, it was one of the scariest moments of my life and I felt horrible, but word got out and the yoyo community was really awesome, they sent me messages, sent there get wells and prayers, made threads on the forums telling people to keep me in prayer etc, I was surprised how much the yoyo community really cared, and it made the whole thing easier to go through, and while I still go through all kinda of crazy MRI’s and meds and whatever, its great to see that the yoyo world still is there for me, and I know that they are there for all of you as well.

One incident I did not mention in the video that really was awesome to see, and further reinforces the family aspect of all of us, is back in 2005 when the yoyo world found out that one of the most amazing individuals and tutorial and video makers in the scene, Ryan “Houdini” Monson was dead.

It hit the community hard, Ryan was of that time what someone like Brett Grimes or Kyle Veigh is to us now, and the entire community was really shocked by this. But it was awesome to see the individuals, who took time out, reached out to Houdini’s family, attended his funeral, and to this day, still have that “houdini lives” siggy in their forum signatures.

I see that we all have our differences, and sometimes we may just want to kill each other in a gruesome and heartless way, but like any family, we have our highs and lows, but we can overcome the lows and be close like we should be. And I think thats pretty awesome if you ask me.

So anyways, thought I would post this.

Go out and do it.

Stay legit.

Don’t hate, love and tolerate.


Admin Edit: You rock, woohoo!



great post Jayyo! very inspirational… on that note, i would like to post my “thank you” right here

Thank you Russel (you know who you are) for getting me started with this hobby… since beginning i have become a happier person, and there is always something for me to feel accomplished about… its been forever since ive seen you, and i hope you have improved a great deal, cuz when we meet again, we will have a little contest, and im gunna give it erry thing i got

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Yeah if you guys want, you can post thank yous onto this post, although sending them to the person you want to thank would give a greater chance of the individual seeing it.



copy, paste, fb wall post


Good words Jayyo… Now i feel bad about what i posted in the other topic.

As much as I loved this post, you need to stop using “legit” in every single one of your threads.


I really like the idea behind this, but I have a question. If the yoyo community is like your family how come you go out of your way to call people dweebs and losers and tell them to get lost? Just wondering…


He’s copying a griffin from mlp from my understanding (aka a stupid joke).


I’ve already been doing this. If someone helps me, directly or indirectly, and I benefit from it, I make sure I send a thank you note to them. Just good old fashioned values.

Good values are good values. Being nice has always been the preferred method of behavior.

Yoyos are classic toys. Classic manners goes with classic toys.

Thanks to Jayyo for reminding us how it used to be along with how it should still be.

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Make me


Ok this touched my heart in a special way this just made my christmas Josh i have chosen you because you have been there for me the whole time even though you dont know it you have always inspried me even if you were a “Jerk” some people say but i never cared you just made my yoyoing inspirence so much better and please continue to make those videos i love the flow beetweent your tricks and the asian music “Japanese,Chinese,and so on” But i would love if you actually made a couple tuts of somesort but out of all you are my favorite yoyoerand inspiration

Thanks from,Joe Muniz


Josh has made some tutorials. They are on another site though. Since they aren’t “highighted” to stand out in my library of yoyo videos, I couldn’t tell you where or what. But, they are out there.

Josh recently posted a link to a tutorial for an alternate option for snap starting. I haven’t personally used it yet, but it looked really easy the way he broke it down. I’m concentrating on other stuff right now and I don’t want to inject a distraction. After I finish the trick I’m struggling with, I think I’m going to make a detour onto that method.


Time for /b/?

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Don’t even try man, I know you hate me and want to see me gone or whatever, its obvious to everyone, even my friends I talk to will bring you up as the “kid that hates Josh”, but really, no need to get hostile about it, just ease up and lay off.
Its obvious I annoy you, and frankly, your post to me I find quite annoying as well, but I ain’t gonna go putting your email on some site to get you tons of spam and viruses sent to you. So lay off bro, Ill leave you alone if you do the same for me.


finally, what we knew is confirmed.


oooooh ok, I’ve always wondered why he did that.

and Jayyo, I’m pretty sure he’s just threatening to put your e-mail on that god-forsaken place known as /b/ . Only a real idiot would actually do that


Guys were turning an awesome thread into another hate thread, remember this thread is positive (and yes I know my post on the previous page wasn’t really helping).


I agree completely Josh. You’re tutorials have also helped me with my tricks that I make up. I’ll use a mount or a certain movement and it really helps a lot, Thank You! ;D


Well put.


Know what? I just blackmail people with that threat. I’ve never done it to anybody I don’t know personally.
I’m an odd person, but I’m not cruel. Why would I put his email on /b/ if I don’t even have it?