Yoyo people are good people/conversation about beer

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Hey all, I wanted to share a little story that I think is absolutely amazing, inspiring story of something that happened to me recently.

So I’m pretty new to this forum, and very glad to be here, as from the very first time I found this place, I got the impression that it was incredibly positive and welcoming. It seemed to me like everyone was extremely helpful, and not at all standoffish or negative like many internet communities can be.

On maybe the third day since I had found YYE, I received a message from another member. I had made a few posts, nothing profound, just a few comments on things I found interesting, and mentioning that I had just recently gotten into the hobby.

This member said he had seen that I was new to the forum, as well as to yoyos. Then he said somethijg that just about floored me. He told me he wanted to send me a yoyo, just to welcome me to the scene.

Now mind you, I hadn’t posted asking for anything, not had I even hinted that I was looking for a yoyo, or that I didn’t have any of my own.

I replied to him, expecting that there was something I was missing, because who ever heard of someone on the internet just reaching out to you and offering to give you something for free, just because .

After a quick back and forth, he confirmed that, yes, in fact that was exactly what he wanted to do. I gave him my address, and very shortly after he said it’s on its way. I was still shocked at all of this, but I thanked him sincerely and that was that. He asked for nothing, and declined anything from me in return

Well what do you know. A couple days later I get a package; a padded envelope with Christmas postage. I opened it up and the surprise of the contents left me just staring for a solid few seconds. I was expecting something used that hed gotten his use out of. But nope, in front of me was a BRAND NEW yoyo, like 3 or 4 nice strings, and even a few stickers. I mean this thing was still in the box, unopened, and it wasn’t a plastic. Dollar store special.

So basically, a member of this awesome community had just sent me a brand new, quality yoyo, for no reason at all. IDK about you guys, but this gesture just about brought me to tears. Honestly. I have a little bit of a tough time during the holiday season, and this year was no exception. But then a complete stranger from the internet send me the only gift I received this year, and it was a really good one.

I guess all of this rambling is to say that there really are some cool people out there in the world. And that the yoyo community seems to have a very high concentration of these people. I think I’ll be sticking around for a while, and I couldn’t be happier to have found a hobby I enjoy, with such great people that also enjoy it.

Yoyo people=Good people. Maybe the best people.


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Yes, @codinghorror does this on a regular basis. He is our resident yoyo evangelist, welcoming many new forum members in the best way possible: with a free yoyo! This is how I got my YYF Dogma. Countless others have been beneficiaries of Jeff’s generosity, and in addition to providing the forum software itself, he adds immeasurable energy and enthusiasm to the community, which I find kinda infectious.


Wow! That was really cool, the yye and yoyo community in general has always been really nice :slight_smile: have fun with your new throw man!

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Yeah, he definitely puts in work that makes this place as great as it is.

I kept his name out of my post, as I didn’t want anyone begging for a yoyo, or bugging him in some similar way, but he’s the generous individual behind this wonderful gesture

I thought I was special, @codinghorror but apparently you have many others…tears


When I first got into yoyoing, a member on the forums wanted to send me his Markmont Next. At the time I was just 13 and my parents didn’t want me to buy any yoyos online. It had a good amount of damage but he paid $95 for that yoyo at one point.

I later found out he was struggling to find a job and was living on his friends couch, and that was one of his only two yoyos. Needless to say that’s the one yoyo that will never leave my collection.

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Wow, that’s incredibly generous, definitely a keeper.

But that’s another instance of what I’m talking about. How often do you see anything near that level of kindness, especially on the internet. Most message boards/forums contain people calling each other losers, and maybe talking about the subject at some point.

But this place is just amazing, I almost can’t believe it

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I think most established members of the yoyo community recognize, if only subconsciously, the need to swell the ranks with new members in order to keep the hobby thriving. We’re like yoyo pushers looking to get new players hooked on the game: I’ll let you have the first one for free…

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It sounds so nefarious when you put it like that though. I think it’s more that he has a lot of resource, and chooses to be generous with his resources. I always see it as more of a welcoming gesture than a gesture with an agenda.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

What would we do without Jeff?

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I don’t think anyone except yoyodoc wants to find out. :wink:


Jeff is like milk in the fridge
He’s always there

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Woah woah woah, but like, fresh milk… right?

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Milk? Don’t you mean beer?



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Hahaha shady yoyo dealers conducting business in the back alleys of slums. The addiction is crippling.

I don’t think zslane was implying that Jeff is pushing an actual agenda, but rather that he loves this hobby, and is trying to show others how great it is in hopes that more people join the community.

If giving away free yoyos is what qualifies as nefarious, then I think the world would be alot better place.

I’m really digging the people involved in this scene though. Y’all ain’t half bad

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Got milk?

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I may have spoken too soon.

I guess everyone decided to conspire against this thread huh? Oh hey that new weirdo made a heartfelt posts about how were genuinely good people? HA! Watch this well make it devolve into beer jokes. That’ll teach him to bring that sappy emotional crap around here

I take it back you’re monsters

(Thomas Bellotti) #21

I’m totally kidding. I think the consensus was agreed upon that, yes, Jeff is the man and the community is solid.

Now time for beer jokes.

Wanna hear a great beer joke?

I refuse to believe that everyone loves them. Pretty sure noone wants to be that guy who says, uhhh this is bitter and crappy…and five dollars a pint

But I’ll be that guy.

Get you a nice Amber ale, or a stout and enjoy your beer