Yoyo people are good people/conversation about beer

({John15}) #22

Oh, now we’re talkin beer huh? I enjoy craft beer in general. IPAs, Amber/Blonde ales, Stouts, Porters, lagers… the only beer that I really cannot get into is belgian-style beer, and double/triple IPAs (and most mass produced domestics :face_vomiting:).

Belgian style beer is fermented with a Belgian strain of yeast, and there’s just something about the finish of a Belgian ale that does not sit right with my tongue. Double and triple IPAs are just unpleasant in general (taste like hair spray) imo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #23

I’m not a beer drinker, which means I’ll never be a beer connoisseur. The only two types/brands of beer I can stand are Rolling Rock, and a good hefeweizen with a lemon twist.


Beer is gross. Liquor and wine all day.

Oh wait I’m not 21 yet I didn’t say anything

(ZAC) #25

You booze, you lose! Your young don’t give into the pressure of your peers. I conquered alcoholism myself. Let me tell you, I wish I would have spent the thousands I wasted on alcohol on yoyos. I would have a sick collection instead of an extensive criminal record lol.

({John15}) #26

Whoa, you’re probably right. But drinking can be a casual thing too. Like me for instance, I like to have a (as in a single) drink with dinner on occasion.


I’ve always hated spending money of things that will just end up disappearing like drinks and food.

A $15 meal at a restaurant that disappears in 20 minutes could get me a Replay Pro that will last as long as I want it to

(Thomas Bellotti) #28

All things in moderation.

There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks with your buddies once in a while. Problems arise when once in a while turns into more regularly and then a daily habit.

But this is true of many things in life. Eating McDonald’s daily will have serious negative effects as well. But that doesn’t mean that McDonald’s is bad and you should never ever get a Big Mac.

As far as good beers, I like malt-y stuff, ambers and browns mainly. I never could get a taste for the hoppy IPA, and I agree about the especially awful triple, imperial, mega mega IPA deals.

Unfortunately, it seems like at least three quarters of the good craft beer available at any given store is some style of IPA or another. It’s slim pickins if you want anything besides that.

Beer is good. I like beer.


I completely agree, and every now and then I enjoy McDonalds.

Don’t tell this guy though!

(Thomas Bellotti) #30

Oh wow, that’s just nasty. Like really disgusting. I mean 30,000 big Macs?

Everyone knows 30,000 Whoppers with cheese is much better.

Seriously though: could you even imagine? 95 percent of all food intake is a big Mac. You know the other 5 has to be fries. You’re not eating 95 percent big Mac, and then kale and quinoa salad the other 5 percent of the time.

That’s gotta get old after the 20-thousandth one you’d think


He actually said he doesn’t eat fries, which would be healthier.

There’s also this loveliness

(ZAC) #32

I definitely agree, and I do not judge anyone that does drink. I’m just the type that goes all in lol. It was very easy to quit for good when one night of “fun” cost me over $20,000.


Oh deary dear… I am not sure I even want to hear about this. I hope everyone was OK!

(ZAC) #34

Nothing to bad. No one else was involved thankfully. I just introduced my car to a ditch. I didn’t get hurt to bad, but still had a 14,000 dollar hospital bill. The only real victim was my poor Honda Civic, RiP.

(Thomas Bellotti) #35

Oh damn, I was just about to say that must have been an epic night, but it sounds like it was closer to the other end of the spectrum.

I was picturing some crazy night in a VIP section buying rounds for everyone there if top shelf and tipping 100 dollar bills.

Glad to hear noone was hurt. I’ve done some dumb things, and put myself and others in danger with my reckless behavior, but fortunately never had anything go as bad as it could have. I can’t imagine coming to in the drunk tank and finding out you killed three people in an accident. I got lucky, but many don’t.

Definitely learned my lesson a while back. Fortunately it was a pretty cheap lesson to learn

(Spinworthy Glen) #36

IPA is just grimsters. I hate that stuff.


I absolutely love beer and thoroughly enjoy all styles apart from fruit beers (the current trend for very hazey New England IPAs is pleasing, especially as Verdant Brewery is very close to me and they have perfected the style).


Same here dude, I just got my package out of mail last night and was pretty surprised myself and now that it’s my day off I think I’ll be playing all day :call_me_hand:

(Mark Leithead) #39

When I started to (I think) get good at yo-yoing, my goal was to get sponsored. I wanted to get sponsored, I neeeded to get sponsored, I thought I was good enough and I would benefit the company I was throwing for. So I went to Worlds, and I asked every company that had a booth if they’d sponsor me, and you know what happened? I got sponsored by… nobody. In fact, I didn’t get a single free yo-yo. And 1A yo-yos costed like $20 back then lol. It was a bit disappointing, but I understood, and I kept throwing cuz that’s what I do and throwing is awesome. I did eventually get sponsored by Yomega - which was amazing - and I got some free Hyperwarps when I promoted them doing shows in public back in the day (secret confession: I beefcaked my HWs). I also kept posting on yoyoing.com/news, extremespin.com, yoyonation…

Fast forward to 2018. I make a post, and I get a message in my inbox from codinghorror (creator of discourse.org!!) saying he wants to send me a yo-yo. So I surprisingly accept, and he sends me a friggen One Drop Kraken!! Insane!! I own several YoYoFactory yo-yos, which are all awesome, and the last One Drop yo-yo I purchased was the Project 2 (not counting my Dingo), back in 2009. It was quite good, but for whatever reason it wasn’t my favourite, and I had just dropped $120 on an 888 that had tickled my fancy. In fact I traded that P2 for a first-run GeneralYo 5-Star, which also rocks (and I still have today). So I had always appreciated One Drop, but I had no idea as to how far they have come over the past decade of design and yo-yo releases.

Because of that Kraken, I realised how I very much like One Drop yo-yos as I do YoYoFactory, and it made me drop $110 USD this year on a Hipster Highlife, machined at One Drop (and anodized by Gruntbull). This is a big deal because in 2009 the Canadian dollar was higher than the American, where now, well, you can do the math on that one…

That Kraken taught me 1) OD rules like YYF, but differently, 2) Gruntbull rules, 3) 60 mm is too big of a diameter for me for an EDC and competition throw, 4) colours matter, 5) design can be more important than materials alone (my Kraken is more stable than my one budget bimetal I own), 6) how ODs play differently than YoYoFactory (I’ve still gotta get my hands on an Edge Beyond though, I think I’d change my opinion on YYF just as I have for OD over the past decade too).

Thanks a lot codinghorror. And to stay on topic, Belgian quadrupels are my favourite beers.

(Christopher Dougherty) #40

That is awesome!! I as well am new to this community! I have to say its great here!! Everyone seems so nice and everyone is willing to help each other out and give and take advice with prejudice, it’s a fantastic forum! Welcome!! Happy yo-yoing!!

(Thomas Bellotti) #41

@Mark_Leithead awesome to hear how @codinghorror sparked a renewed insterest in yoyos for ya. I still need to get myself a one drop as I’ve heard only great things. Can’t decide between a top deck or a vtwo.

@Chrisdoc145 I couldn’t agree more dude. Stoked to see you as excited on the bee hobby as I am. Happy to see you posting and engaging with a positive attitude. Keep throwing spinny toys!!