TTTyo is a Stand-up Guy!

Well on Yoyonation back in December they had a Secret Santa organized that I took part in. I shipped my thing to me secret santa and they received and enjoyed it. That was almost three months ago and I hadn’t received anything. I was wondering why I haven’t received anything and several PM’s to the organizer and posts on the thread and I still hadn’t received anything. I was a little upset I didn’t receive anything but I honestly was just glad I gave something and the person liked it. So sometime last week, TTTyo Pm’s me telling me he seen the thread and would send me something. Keep in mind he was not involved in that secret santa but just did this for me. I insisted he didn’t need to but he wanted me to send his address anyway. I told him I wasn’t expecting anything and what I got I’m pleasantly surprised with.

Heres what I got! A vendetta anodized OD Dingo along with a small bundle of orange poly string. I just want to thank TTTyo a ton for shipping something so awesome and doing this even though he had no duty to. He’s a stand-up guy! ;D



TTTyo for president of the forums!


:wink: glad you liked it!


LUCKy! I had Matthew for the gift exchange :slight_smile:


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what if someone were to send you a better gift tho ?

I love what TTTyo did, and I love that Yomagic took the time to publicly thank him. It is part of what makes a great community great.

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Then I wouldnt have been scammed in the first place.

There’s still an element of giving amongst the community, and I’m glad. I was becoming discouraged by the me, me, me attitude of some recent posts and posters. But, it’s good to see that people will give and help someone when the reward is merely the joy professed by another.

Way to go TTTyo! :smiley:

This is one of the many things I love about the yoyo community. Just awesome :smiley:

Actually, it was a Dingo.


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i see what you did there :wink:

ever wanna give another free yoyo away PM me :wink: nah just kidding. That was really generous of you TTTYo :slight_smile:

man thats a sweet deal!
I wish I could just receive my gift from the last gift exchange haha the kid says hes gonna send something but havent gotten anything

I will, but it is not going to be YYJ, so you will not use it :wink:

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You are a great man TTTyo. Respect:)


the reason I throw YYJ is because of my financial status. So any free throw would help. I’m not “strictly” YYJ. I just prefer YYJ because it has gotten my through some hard times(not YYJ but one of YYJs team members). Also, as I mentioned, I have limited money. Right now, its a good time for me. I have $1,000 saved up in the bank, that I will blow at BAC and Worlds. But I can’t take all of it out, because I’m saving for college too. So I have this special “yoyo money” piggy bank. I will only use about $300 at BAC, and I will use $450 at Worlds. Plus, I will gather more money and put it in the bank as I go along. Now back on topic, YYJ has amazing products at very cheap, reasonable prices. Like the theory for example, its $65 but it plays at the same level as my Titan3. And it doesn’t have these fancy gimmicks that make throws like YYF, OD, CLYW, etc. go for much more than they are worth. Also, many of us members own Classics, which play waaayyy better then a Whip, or a One, and its the same price. I would honestly, take $30 out of my pocket and buy a classic for that much. The classic is not worth $10, no matter what materials where used, the shape, the fact that its plastic, whatever, it does not play like a $10 dollar yoyo should. When I got the Theory, I wanted to slap YYJ in the face! The Theory is not anywhere near $65! I would pay $100 for the theory! It plays just as well as my Titan3! Point is, a free throw is a free throw, beater, B-grade, stripped, cracked, etc. it’s a free throw. It’s very easy to turn around, send it off to a modder to get it fixed. Again, I was joking about sending me a free throw.

But if you plan on sending me one, I would like a YYJ HEX :wink: lol.

Jokes aside, that was a really nice thing of you to do. We could use more members like you, not less.