TTTyo is a Stand-up Guy!

clap,clap I think if your going to judge some one by what they throw is mean, rude and has no need in our society. Just becuase I thorw clyw does not mean i am rich it just mean i like the brand let iyoyo58 be you he is a yoyojam lover

I was joking…

Lean back, we are here to praise not to beg.

Dingo :P.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know.

Besides, almost every company has a budget throw that’s plays as well as a 150 metal.

Also, the theory is a great budget metal, but other company’s have aluminium/plastic throws that play just as well at the same price or less.

thanks man! But your still not getting my Titan3 or Theory :wink:

I throw YYJ for one very serious reason that only one person on forums knows.

Because you are a fanboy?


Wow. That is very nosey and not considerate at all. Not only is this none of you rbusiness, but what if it is some reason that upsets/saddens him? Also, I know why so more than one person. You posted it before

its people like you that ruin my day.

What’s wrong with this thread?