A secret Santa now?

I was a forum lurker at the time. I want to know, since the secret Santa was a huge success, if people would be interested in doing another one now

It looked like fun, and seems like we do not have to wait another year just to give away stuff.

Let me know if it is a bad idea, or it could work out!


Well Christmas is pretty rad we should have one once a month.
Halloween is okay too; how about every weekend?
Also, every period in school should be lunch. That’d be rad.

It’s a little late, and you don’t have any feedback. I don’t think it will work out.

I would do this again. If we were to do it though, I think we should make it worth a minimum of something more like 50 bucks. Just my 2 cents.

I want to

Okay I got a lot of responses quick. I am not saying that I make it, since I have only been around for a little bit.

The only reason I am suggesting this is because it does not have I be a holiday to do something like this. Although, 1 Christmas per month wouldn’t be too bad :wink:

I’d be down for that.

But then it won’t be special or secret Santa because it does require Christmas.

Secret yoyoer :wink:

Let’s call it secret admirer. :wink:

I’m down.

I am in

I’m in this!

If this is to be done it needs some of the original hosts and should be done maybe “Christmas in July”.

Yeah. I was thinking something like this for Valentine’s day. Y’know?

Yeah it would be cool I wouldn’t mind hosting it too.

Okay well I did not think so many people would be interested. Someone that has a lot of feedback and responsible enough to, pm me and I will help you start this. If not i will ask a few “trusted” members if one can do it.


Should I organize another one? For you guys that dont know ive organized secret santa 3 years in a row. Im down to organize something similar if people want me to…up to the community

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Yomagic, I would love if you did it. You’ve obviously proved you’re trustworthy. Anyone else with me on this?

That would be awesome, and there could be extra people to help and make sure everyone knows who to ship to and when to ship by.