I know it's not even Thankgiving yet

Are people interested in doing a Secret Santa thing again this year?

I didn’t participate last year, but I read about it. Granted a few bad apples didn’t come through and either didn’t send anything or sent something very late. But for the most part, it looked to be a fun experience. Some people even took photos of what they received and posted them in a thread. One person got a load of string, another person got a couple loopers, and some people shared older throws that still had some personality.

I really liked this idea, so I’m hoping there are people who would like to participate. I’d even volunteer to help organize it if someone can tell me how it was run last year (exchanging addresses and such).


I’d be up for that this year.

For sure! I couldn’t partake last year as my trade count was not high enough but it is this year.

I’d love to do that this year!

I organized it last year and I’m planning on doing it again! Will start a thread up soon

I up for it we have some yoyos laying around our house that have never bin opened… It’s scary that I haven’t gotten into them yet… But on another note I think we need a price limit on how much they can spend like one gets 100 dollar throw and another gets a 10 dollar throw it just doesn’t seem fair

Trust me, there’s restrictions in place to make sure that doesn’t happen. :wink:

I want to do this. I think i have something good for it.

I’m game for it! We should plan this pretty early.
We should do Canada and US only? I say we plan early because if we do get Canadian participants it takes around a week to 2 weeks to ship things from US to Canada or ViceVersa.

Like I stated I will be making a thread with this soon! I organized it last year and I am going to be doing it again. I ran it last year and someone ran another because I made it US Only because of shipping and time waiting. I would prefer to keep it US again as its convenient and shipping isn’t pricey and no waiting for Customs to clear things. So yeah i’ll probably keep it like last year and only do US yoyoers.

I’m fine with US only. Priority shipping is fantastic during the holidays :wink:

I’m on for doing this!

i would love to do this, i got a very high trade count, so id be cool!

Oh, do you have to have a high trade count? 'Cause I don’t…I want to do it though.

Im making the thread now…Its long lol. Unfortunately Trade count is necessary :confused:

Dang it! how many trades do you need to have had?

Looks like it’s 10. Sorry, man.

Quick! Let’s trade the same 2 yoyos back and forth 10 times. Can we ship that many times before thing starts? Probably not. :wink:
Well, incentive for NEXT year.

haha, if only. Thanks anyways. :smiley:

Don’t worry about it it’s only trading Yoyo stuff

I was allowed in!