Secret santa list


This is the start of the list for the secret santa. If you want in you need to do it fast. The deadline is december 10th. I have changed it from the 15th to give people time to get their gift ready.


  1. Must be yoyo related and worth at least $20 You can send much more if you want but value no less than $20

  2. Trade count around 5 good and post count around 30 or more. I will look into less if I need to.

  3. If there are any international participants we will need a few people to be able to ship outside the u.s.

If you want in please send me your name and addresses to me in a pm by the 10th of Dec. If you don’t want your real name known that is ok. I will use your username.

I would also like to know if there could be a few people that would step up and help if someone doesn’t ship or isn’t able to at the last minute. Maybe a substitute santa perhaps?

Starting the list.

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I also have an alternate. Thanks alternate SS!


i wish i could but i only have two trades


just wondering, does it have to be new? or can I just send something worth more than $20 from my collection?


I’m doing a yoyo from my collection that is worth more than $20.00. I don’t think many will want to do it if they have to go buy a new yoyo for someone. But I have a couple of throws that I don’t use anymore that I don’t mind sending to someone.


Yers im giving a mint yoyo that costs 50 dollars


I am super excited about this…how does it work…will someone please tell me?? ???


worth 20 dollars according to who? how do you know if a used throw is worth $20 or not?


If it’s in good condition and worth roughly $20 new. That will be fine. Please don’t state how much the one you are giving is worth though. Secrecy is key here hence the name secret santa. Now if you are in then I will be sending out pm’s when the list is done and randomized.


ok so i gues im on :smiley: i didnt get a pm telling me i was on but its cool…and oops lol i said how much mine was worth


ill explain it to you even though im not in it. Itchus will give every participent the name/adress of another particepent, and they will send something to them, and everyone will do that.


Yep Pretty much.


If you have pm’d me your address and you are not on the list please let me know.


I’m almost positive I won’t be able to participate, but it’s worth a shot?


Sure, what the hay. I’m in! :smiley:

I’ll be giving a ___________ to which ever person I am assigned ;D


Im giving my person a



will you ever know who actually sent you what? … cus we do the same thing at work … and usually by the end of it … we all know who got who lol


its up to the person that sends to you. I personally don’t care to know because that makes it all more exciting.


Yeah that makes more sense and keeps it exciting, so I guess when you ship… You don’t want to add your name on the return?


if you don’t want them to know then put secret Santa. If you want them to know the put your name or username.


Got mine all packed up and ready to send. Think Santa is being nice this year hope you like it. Sure there will be a thread after people get there gift to report on what they got. Merry Christmas to all on yoyoexpert fourms. It’s going to be a good one!!!