Yoyo secret Santa type thing

I dont know where to put this so if not here please move it.

So I was thinking that the forums should start a secret Santa type thing throughout the year that you have to sign up and you get matched with someone and you send each other a yoyo and if you don’t ship a yoyo you get banned. Its just a idea.

We do this every year at Christmas.

oh this is my first year on the forums


I didn’t know.

The only problem is, the Christmas one you have to have at leats 10-15 positive feedback on your profile. If you have not done that many trades, then too bad. :frowning:

Thankfully, I can do it this year, though.

Rats, i wonder if they’d let Gentry Stein do it.

Seems to me someone tried to start one of these mid year recently. Not too sure as to where it went. The Christmas season one is somewhat annual.

Actually that’s a good rule. It somewhat culls the herd.

Here’s a new one you could try. It’s called the Secret Sucker exchange.

A bunch of feel lucky clowns get together. Then they are randomly paired. Then they send each other yoyos they don’t even like themselves. And they cross their fingers and toes and Hope they get a waaay better yoyo then the junk they mailed out to the other Sap.

And very clearly state the shipping deadline to within 1 week of the Exchange Launch.

This would generate a little Contest. 3 weeks after the Shipping deadline; all the Lazy deadbeats can post up about ‘Why they haven’t shipped yet’. Or why they think 'they haven’t yet received their mystery Santa the Clown Jr. Toy in the mail?

Then a special prize would be given to the crybaby with the most pitiful and miserably Unbelievable story.

Or better yet; just limit the participants to those with more than 5742 transactions. That way to can have more confidence of getting a fair shake.


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I do agree that it is a good rule, but it has just stopped me from doing it for the last two years.