Secret Santa yoyo Christmas?


Will this be happening again this year? I know it’s early to ask but…


Sorry, but could you fill me in on what a Secret Santa YoYo Christmas is? Is it a special event on YYE?


It’s something one of the members, YoMagic, does every year for Christmas.

It’s basically a Secret Santa, a gift exchange, on the YYE forums. People sign up for it then they get the address of a member and they send them a gift filled with yoyos, string, accessories, etc. and you receive a gift from another member as well.

It’s happened the last few years so I don’t see any reason why it won’t happen this year. Joey (Yomagic) is still active in the community and his company 2SickYoYos so he’ll probably be hosting it again.


I hope so, I have throws to get rid of. If I remember correctly some ppl flaked last year. I hope it didn’t stress Joey out too much


Oh yeah! I forgot about that! I really wanted to do it last year but I didn’t have enough feedback to do it (I think it was 5 positive?). I think maybe they should bump it up more so it is less likely that happens… Just an idea


Plus everyone who is active on FB likes to get in on this as well, I enjoyed last year


I only had 1 positive feedback last year and Joey was nice enough to take a chance and let me be apart of it. Maybe I’ll make 2 boxes this year to help


Last year was awesome I got a sweet box from Andre


Really?!? May I ask what you got? :slight_smile:


a double joker, YYO Brave, topyo Mercury L, a Darkmagic 2 prototype and another YYJ prototype. There was more but it don’t remember exactly


Oh… My… Gosh… That is awesome! :slight_smile:


I am new to yoyoing only about a year in. This seems like an awesome thing. I hope it happens so I can be apart of it!


I would love to be part of this if we do it! It’d be a really exciting way to end my first year in the community


I’d be in. Sounds like a fun community thing


Seems good.

(Erik Kerber ) #16

Usually the feed back minimum is 10 just so you know. Joey will make exceptions if your a well known forum member though. I just figured I should warn some of you newer people that there is a possibility you won’t get let in. Make a few trades on the BST and you shouldn’t have a problem though.


Shhh…don’t crush their hope so early… And I’d definitely would be a part of it! Been so for 4 years straight!

(Erik Kerber ) #18

Yeah! Its been really good the last few years I hope Joey will let me in again.