Secret Santa Miracle?

I recently participated in the secret santa gift giveaway put on by “oldyoyograndma” (who did a great job organizing the event.) And all I can say is I’m REALLY glad I did! (read on…)

I live in central Minnesota. And almost exactly two years ago to this day I purchased a brand new orange/blue recrev “i” from the now defunct YYN store with my newly acquired Christmas funds. This recrev i was an amazing yoyo, not only was it very pretty but after I slapped a deshielded kk in it I couldn’t tell the difference between how it played compared to yoyos twice the price.

However, I ended up trading it to a kid at my local yoyo club about 6 months later. I almost immediately regretted the decision and wished I hadn’t. But he seemed to enjoy it a lot and it definitely received a few new “love marks” in the process.

Fast forward almost 1 1/2 years later and I had almost completely forgotten about this little yoyo. But apparently it hadn’t forgotten about me, because it came to me in the mail from my secret santa juliang22 who was chosen at random by the events organizer oldyoyograndma!

Even though I hadn’t seen the yoyo in over 1 1/2 years I immediately recognized the “love marks” and deshielded kk it still had in it when I traded it away so long ago. Talking to juliang22 only further confirmed that this was my old throw.

For those who don’t know, while I’ve personally never met juliang22 he is from California. So apparently this yoyo made its way around the country before coming back to freezing central MN. Haha what are the chances?

Thanks juliang22 and oldyoyograndma for making this the best secret santa ever!


Man, what a small world.

Amazing!! What a sweet reunion :]

That is crazy, man!

This is one crazy world!!! I am so glad that #1 i did the secret santa, #2 got you to send a gift to, and #3 sent my I to you! I guess i chose the perfect gift :). HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Wow, this just proves anyone can find love :wink:

Wow that is a Christmas miracle!

cool story bro.

Yes, it is a VERY cool story.

(900th post!)

That’s awesome!

That’s an incredible story!

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

I was thinking a week or so ago about how cool it would be if there was a site where you could follow a yoyo’s life as it bounces around to various people. Would be tough since most yoyos aren’t serialized and even one person not making a note would throw it all off, but it would be cool. I’ve personally received the same Sleipnir 2 times off the forums, and one or two other throws i’m pretty sure i ended up with multiple times. Makes me super curious what the most travelled throws are. I suspect some yoyos on the forum have had far more money spent shipping them around than they even cost in the first place.

Do you mean kind of like a yoyo-esque version of “wheres george?”

Instead of a site you could do a thread! Ship the yoyo out to a reputable member, have the recipient take a picture with it and post it on the forum, then have him/her continue it by shipping it to someone else.

It would be interesting to see how far it gets!

Just to add to the epicness me and Julian are good friends and i almost got the i from him and tried to convince him to send another yoyo but i guess this was just meant to be. Love coincidences like this :slight_smile:

It was attempted on another forum in an effort called The Most Impressive Around the World Ever. It started on the west coast and ended somewhere around Richmond, VA. before it disappeared.

Want to start another one ;D

I live in Connecticut…

A traveling yoyo would be pretty cool. Kinda like the Code2, but just keep on going. Maybe have a large pool of people(respected/trusted members) who could send it to each other. Each keep it say a week? Or have a a list of all te people who would like to receive it, and have people who have it ship it to anyone on the list without telling them to make it random and a surprise.

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Before the last forum I was in got [removed] bombed with spam, wildcat’s plan was to pass around a pretty cool proto-type of an amazing looking yoyo to about 10-15 people.