This is a Safe Thread. Post a yoyo related confession that you've never told/showed anyone here

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I’ll start. My name is EOS44 and i have a problem.

I’ve never, ever payed more than $50 for a yoyo. Every expensive yoyo i own has been a prize or a gift or something like that. Every time i’ll even go out of my way to pay less than retail price if i can, which sometimes makes me feel guilty because yoyo manufacturers work a lot to offer nice products and they deserve to be supported.

Also, i’ll confess that there has been ocassions where i’ve acted just for the sole purpose of getting free yoyos. And in a community where people happily spend hundreds of dollars supporting companies, that sometimes makes me feel unworthy of participating on it.

({John15}) #2

Sometimes the hype gets under my skin just a little too much and I end up making foolish decisions; both monetarily and ethically.
I spend money I shouldn’t have spent.
I have even straight up asked for free yoyos. Don’t be that guy, it’s tacky and annoying.

In retrospect, exercising dignity and wisdom would have felt so much better.


Confession: I just had a brief nude throw session in my hotel room! :flushed:

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #4

I had once, accidentally, pooped in my pants while yoyoing. i thought it was just gonna be a fart skskskksjk

(Victorian YoYos) #5

Yo what :joy:


I’ve done this once post shower hahahahah


bruh too much pancit?


There’s a local yoyo club that meets once or twice a month. It’s ran by some good guys that are good throwers. However I never go because it’s primary aimed at teaching children how to yoyo. Having a daughter myself, I feel like I should be a mentor, but I just never do it and feel bad as a result.


Just what I wanted to hear as I’m about to receive a box of yoyos from you. :scream::rofl:

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(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #11

Prolly yeah HAHA

(Justin ) #12

The first yoyo I ever shipped after selling was definitely not packaged well enough. I was in a rush to ship it, and I definitely cut corners. After that day, I make sure to pack yoyos so that they’ll be safe and sound during shipping.


For the first 2 years of unresponsive yoyoing I double wrapped my string. I skipped some lessons.

(ChrisFrancz) #14

If I really, really love a yoyo I will buy it in other colors. Luckily, my favorite yoyos are not too expensive. Still, I feel guilty about it.

(Joseph) #15

I started off unresponsive. :flushed:

(ZAC) #16

There are not many people in my area that yoyo. As a result, my friends and family think I am a yoyo master. I don’t have the heart to tell them I am a scrub, at best.

(Levi Neal) #17

I ding every yoyo I own. The only one without a ding is my sucction. It will soon enough have a ding. The dings don’t bother me as much as the vibe on grinds(lol phone autocorrected to Grindr).

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #18

I tell everyone everything about yoyoing. Is that a confession? I don’t think so since yoyoing is something to share. I confess sometimes I feel those that yoyo take themselves and yoyoing waaaay to seriously. THERE, the confession.

(Victorian YoYos) #19

Lol I have just about a ding a good scratch on every yo-yo except for my really rare ones I don’t usually play with

(Levi Neal) #20

I play my rarest and most desirable yoyos the most. They are the most fun and they are toys at the end of the day.