This is a Safe Thread. Post a yoyo related confession that you've never told/showed anyone here

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I would too, but for me it’s like why play with a super rare yo-yo when my daily is better in every way

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I can totally see that. I do that sometimes too.


I havent followed a tutorial for learning a new trick in 2019 yet.


i didnt follow the conventional trick ladder or tutorial list. i just learned what i wanted to and quite awhile ago i had to learn some rather beginner tricks to progress myself

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Here’s another one. I can’t land Spirit Bomb lmao. I’ve tried but i don’t understand that trick at all.

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:rofl: What’s the harm? Haha


My N12 Shark Honor has so many dings that it seems like there’s a silver ring around the Yoyo when I throw it 15525767215066841451152382344802|375x500


I’ve rarely kept a yoyo for more than a few months. Usually I sell them and cycle them out for new exciting throws. Only ones that have stayed for the long run have sentimental value

Also I’ve only bought new for HIGHLY anticipated releases. Probably only around 10 yoyos, maybe 5 high end ones. Many times I intentionally wait a few weeks after release to get them a little cheaper off the bst.

I do this to try to cut my own losses and go almost even when I do cycle my throws around. I’ve always tried to not lose too much if any money overall when buying/selling yoyos

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My confession would be oppostie of this. I dread dinging any of my throws for the exception of two that i have deemed my beaters. I do play all of them a lot and i only have hard wood floors in my house. I have gone so far as to invest in a 6’x6’ thick padded flooring material made for gyms that i set up in my living room every time i want to do some throwing. Seems kind of mental, but there i said it.


Well, I guess I can add that to 2019 goals :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I might implement this idea. My house is all hardwood too. I don’t want dings it just happens. Steps to prevent it would be good.

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No matter how hard I try, I cannot do the tricks:
*color 9
*Tressley’s Capris

I have tried to do these tricks for years and still can’t do them.


LOL!!! :joy:. Don’t worry! I never get any special sauce on bst throws! :sweat_drops::eggplant: I did however include lots of zipline strings, lots of stickers, and an image of 4 YoYos that’s an iron on decal I think. :+1:


I can’t do jade whip. A can do all sorts a slacks, hooks whips, rejection hooks even, but I can’t do jade whip.


I recently just started putting a 4*6 rug down before I throw now!


If there is a yoyo I really like I buy another so I can beat one up… Then I don’t use either of them.


I missed a frontstyle trick and hit myself in the nether regions, and I found the ensuing sensation to be somewhat pleasurable.

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(Complete sentence)



Was gonna press :heart: on this… then reconsidered