Yoyo Relatable posts

I’ve seen “Relatable posts” on Facebook, so I wanted to see what you guys can relate to (yoyo related)

•doing fixed axle when you have a knot in the gap that your to lazy to get out

•Swinging a random price of rope, thread, string, etc around pretending to do a double or nothing

•seeing a trick, saying it looks easy in your mind, trying it, and epically failing

•people have a yoyo related nick name for you

•when spending $100 on a yoyo isn’t much of a problem

Feel free to add on to the list :slight_smile: tell me what you can relate to and what you think other people can relate to (your own)

These days I’m spending $200 on a yoyo and it isn’t much of a problem. $100 I can do without batting an eyelid.


$200? There’s no YYJ that costs that much, and trust me the Titan3 is worth $200. The only bran I know thy sells yoyos for up to $200+ is that one “Oxy” brand

Sheesh spending $50 on a yoyo means frozen TV dinners for a week.

I’ve sold, traded or given away almost all of my YYJ. Most Japanese metal throws are around $200.


you said “almost” I’d be happy to take the rest of your YYJ off your hands :slight_smile: :wink: ;D

Only have a Speeder 2 left. I’ll probably get rid of it if I ever get around to posting my BST.