If you had 35 dollars.....

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If you had 35 dollars what would be the yoyo you recomend im not saying im getting one,just wondering.

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Any Kilter from Yoyofficer.

If fixed axle, an O.U.T Hipster.


If i had $35 i would most likely buy a yoyo that costs $35 or less because that is about all you can get with $35 unless you can think of a way to subsidize your $35 by investing is a short term CD or possibly buying
$35 worth of scratchers and hope you get lucky or just start a gofundme page like every other human on earth or loan the $35 to a friend at a high interest rate maybe you would have enough to buy a New Corvette and a Luftverk Titanium yoyo and a thousand Cloud strings or just wait until you have $55 and buy a New and amazingly Awesome Metal Skyva which would totally melt your brain if you never had a good yoyo before but anyways I was going to write a whole paragraph but decided to just give my response in a single sentence kinda like your question even though you said you were just wondering and not actually saying you would get one regardless of what others might suggest they would get if they had $35 to spend on a yoyo so that is my opinion even though it might not be that good of an opinion at least that is what I think might be a good idea if you cant think of anything else better I guess but then again who knows?


Go to the BST section of the forum. Buy something used, your 35 will go further. I just did a deal with user ohdavidbowie, check him out. Shutter or Rally would be a good start. Saving for metal skyva is a great suggestion above if you could make it through the fluff.



Haha, thank you, I’m honored. I’d be happy to make you a deal for some used yoyos. My suggestion for retail though would be a Recess First Base. It’s a cheap plastic yoyo that I find myself playing as much as my bimetals.


Our 4th of July sale page is still up. There’s some pretty good deals on there for under $35

Spin Dynamics Spark, Spin Dynamics Flow, Yomega Glide, C3 Level 6, and YoYoFactory Genesis are all decent metal throws for under $35.


Straight up the Vosun Vanquish. It is the most well rounded yoyo I have ever thrown.


I would buy a Recess First Base for $20 then I’d still have money for strings and candy!

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What ever happened to that Dollar Tree yoyo people were raving about several months ago?

Seriously one of the most horrible yoyos ever made at any price, haha.

There was a pretty long thread awhile back with about 60 or so suggested modifications you could do to step it up to play almost as well as a $2 yoyo.

It was such an amazing deal… One buck for a yoyo that would sleep for at least 4 seconds and rattle just enough to cause irreversible brain damage and clinical depression.

A yoyo so baddd… that if you lived 150 years; when you were reincarnated; you would still be upset about totally squandering a Dollar that you could have put into a CD or possibly a down payment on an Apartment building.

But it was just a Dollar.

How soon we forget these potential masterpiece designs; now just collecting dust in the corner of the shed.


I bought a dollar tree yoyo new in package at a garage sale for 50 cents just to try it out. I still feel ripped off.


You were!!! ;D


Kilter 3 from yoyoofficer. Such a great throw. I have some 100 throws and I prefer this one honestly.


I would get the first base


When several years starts seeming like several months it means we’re getting old, doc. :wink:

Pretty much any yoyo made by a reputable company today in the $35 range is going to be a good yoyo. It’d be hard to go wrong no matter what you choose.


I just got the Spark from the yye 4th of July sale. For $25 it’s a steal of a deal. It plays very similar to the clyw Scout at about $100 less the cost. So yeah, that’s what I would get right now if I only had $35, The Spark and some new string.

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I would by the TMBR Sullivan used for $30 bucks right here in the BST. oh yeah, I did