What is the best yoyo I can buy with 65$?


I was looking to buy a yo-yo for 65$ and under, what do u think is the best choice? Thanx :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, so there really isn’t a good answer, because for $65, they are all pretty good, and can do the same things as every other $65 yoyo.

Here’s what I suggest

Buy a dart board.

On that board, put the names of all the yoyos around the price range.

Close your eyes

Throw a dart

Pick what you hit

If you miss, repeat.


there is never the best choice like what do you like? undersized yoyo’s or regular or oversized?


I haven’t played any other $65 yoyo than the C3 Capless. But it’s great. And lots of people on this forum love it, too!


That isn’t a bad idea, i have to admit, i kinda did this twice, and both times picked out a yoyo that i LOVED!!

If you want the best play for 65 bucks, look at a C3 Capless. seriously, they’re that good. You know that yoyo the Chief, that everyone raves about? The Capless is just as good for play IMO, and in some cases even better. I really suggest you either do what i just said and buy a Capless, or do what Page said and throw darts. Both are good ideas. :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s quite the endorsement for C3’s Capless right there. I own a Capless and can attest to the fact it is an outstanding throw, out performing yoyos way out of it’s price range. A tremendous addition to anyone’s collection at an incredible price.


I also would go with a C3 Capless.


I haven’t played with a Capless, but C3 quality is amazing. I just bought a Token and it is just an awesome little guy. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they all come with 10-ball bearings (my Token did at least).

Dark Magic II is also quite popular, and I’ve enjoyed the Dv888 as well. The dart board might be a good idea. :wink:


Even though I don’t own a Capless, I’d suggest it. I actually want to go to the yoyo shop here so that I can try it. First few throws it was a bit too floaty for me, but a couple more and it and it was just good.

If you like undersized I’d suggest Boss or a Gfunk.


Depends what you want. Depends on your preferences.

Too bad the RecRev Facade and Freq. Wave are $5 over your budget, I’m really liking those.

Not sure whe I’m going to get a Capless, but I’ll say it anyways. DiBase is great. Halo is good too. The RecRev Delrin TA-1S is $60, while the metal TA-1 is $70. The sOMEThING Firmy and V’s are great.

I don’t have a ton in that price range.

Skipping down, I can have fun with darn near any yoyo. Speeder 2, DM2, XCon Pro, Hitman Pro. Check out God Tricks, great stuff at great prices.


do you mean the Freq.wav?


And the Yuuksta with those, too.


Werrd Hour


Yup. I’ll go fix that in my original response. Thanks for correcting that for me. That’s a big help!

(SR) #15

C3 Capless, or Di Base. Also the RecRev Freq.Wave or TA-1. Or the YYF Dv888.

All amazing.


Go vote for Supernova OR Genesis.

ONE of them will be in your budget next week



Well it’s official I ordered a C3 Capless a few minutes ago, and i have to admit the ratings are great and it looks amazing. Thanx for the advice people :slight_smile:


Ik! In my opinion, it really is that good though. I use it over everything…


do you think it’s better than the freq.wave? people say it’s really good, but i haven’t been able to find any reviews on it though.


Oh, it doesn’t matter. I have played littler other than Protostars for the past 3 years. The response system works exactly to my taste.

I bought an SFX on a wild whim. That was what I played for 4 months straight (besides when I needed to demonstrate other styles like 2A). It was fun, but it was not responsive enough.

Depending on your general demeanor (how you act every day), you will either like or despise whatever you choose, before you choose to buy it. Placebo-effect sort of stuff.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” -Henry Ford


P.S. Convince yourself that you like your Capless. Your subconscious will be sure to follow through on your decision.