money spending

(JackG) #1

ok i have 35 dollars now and i am receiving 50 in a week or so
also i am getting paid for a part time job 150 dollars
i am deciding to put 100 in savings
i will have 135 dollars
what yoyo should i buy?
i just dont care about preferences and im wanting to try something new
im looking at hatrick
maybe another 5 star
what do you think i should get
i have
train wreck
lyn fury
a few throw monkeys
a mayhem
thanks to all

(D@§h!zn!t) #2

I like the BvM. I would also suggest a skyline or anything by ILYY

(J. Lev) #3

Get a metal rimmed YYJ (Atmosphere or Hitman IMO) and save the rest.


Best idea I think. You may be getting money right now, but you’ll want to have lots for when you get to high school.

(Mitch) #5

Genesis? you have $135 and its the Genesis 135 ARGH! man thats a knee slapper!

No, I suggest you put it in savings and maybe make a “Yoyo Fund” and you’ll slowly collect intrest and if you keep adding little bits at a time you’ll have a great fund building and then when out of no where a freaking amazing throw comes outa nowhere or your browsing the threads and some one for some reason puts a Grind Mutant 2 up for sale you can buy it… (But be careful cause I would punch ya through the internet for it… )

Theres my two bits

(Mikey) #6

Good idea!