what yoyos should i get for 400 dollars

what yoyo should i get for 400 dollars. i want 1 offsring and 1 yoyo that is like the eight 8 eight. maybe i should get the eight 8 eight. i have the dv888 dark magic legacy and brain I want at least 1 offstring and 3 regular yoyos ty

Dang Bank roll.
An 888 is nice, but you should really look into preference if you’re spending this much.

Save your money, your Dv888 can compete with any yoyo on the market.


i think get a aquaries and a 888 and save for the new yoyo factory releses

Haha that was funny.

Yeah, look at some that you might like and compare them side by side for a while. Also, I would highly recommend saving some of it it, but if you really want to spend it all then go ahead.

this is for christmas

A Wasabi?

Once again, do what you want, but if I were you I would only spend a little bit and have your parents (I’m guessing that’s where the money will come from) save the rest or give it to charity. Some kids don’t get to get presents on Christmas.

And some kids don’t celebrate Christmas. ::slight_smile:

$400 is a lot to waste on just yoyos. As you grow up, you will realize money is hard to come by, so save it. We are in a recession as well, but spend your money as you wish.

Agreed. Also, depending on how old you are, start saving for a car!!! But either way… it’s all good.

If you’re getting $400 for Christmas, then don’t spend it all on yoyos, I would do something like this if I ever got $400 for Chistmas (I never will):

I would save $200 for the future, keep it in a bank, it is the best place.

I would spend $150 on yoyos, probably lees though.

And keep $50 or so in a wallet so you have money if something catches your eyes in a store you go to.

$400 is a lot to spend on specificly yoyos, but spend some of it on yoyos if it is your passion. But spend your money as you wish, these are the things I would do.

That is a great idea. Exactly what I would do.

Here. I have the perfect solution:

  1. Buy a Pure Gold for me
  2. Buy taco bell for me
  3. Uh, you can keep the remaining cash.

But seriously, buy what you want to buy. It’s YOUR money, not OURS

buy that 888 (or a FLYING V ;)), and use the remaining 280 or so to buy projams and stuff to give away to friends or random people you meet on the street. that way you’ll always have someone to yo-yo with.

I would get 1 or 2 yoyos like Genesis and Counter Attack and save the rest of money for new PC. ;D


All of the 10 new YoYoFactory yoyos!

i got $800 from my aunt in a check i havent spent cuz i dont want to and thats some serious cash and yyf is making 10 more releases i thought they were just going to make the boss and the c13.

Although it could be :wink: