What to buy with around $40..?

(kclejeune) #1

Hey guys. I have a random $40 in YYE credit sitting around, so I want to buy something. I’m interested in pretty much 3 things. The Rally, The Yeti, and the Sine//Saw. I know the sine saw is about $20 more, which I think I could get my parents to work with. So my question is, what would YOU do in my situation?



(Jei Cheetah) #2

Buy 40$ worth of string and be happy with what I had.


(kclejeune) #3

Definitely would… If I didn’t have like 500 strings already


Yyj trigger is really good plastic.
Add like $15 and get the di base 1 or 2 , I hear there amazing.
Add like, $25 and get a capless, also really good.(c3)
oh the od rally is coming out, looks cool
Forgot the price but the clyw yeti.
if you add like $30 you can get a YYF CZM84VK, the shape looks really nice on that thing, might get one.
ad $12 get a dingo
Add $20 get a cafè racer.
add about $20 and you can get a G funk, ive tried this, and the shape and weight is really nice.
There’s probably more. personally, I’d add like $15 and get a di base 2. I haven’t tried any of these, sooo I dont have a description


get yeti or a rally.


I probably would get the Sine//Saw. From the first time I saw it I fell in love with it’s interesting shape and gorgeous colors.
However, the Yeti and Rally are sure to take the world by storm and how we think of plastic yoyos, so maybe just wait until they come out and then decide :wink:

(2Sick Joey) #7

Get a Rally!

(kclejeune) #8

I think it’s pretty much between Yeti and Rally at this point… And of course nobody can answer that yet…


If you’re parents are anything like mine, they won’t spend more than $30 on yoyo related stuff so I’ll work with that… In that situation I’d get a sine/saw. That’s $65.


If your looking for a $40 yoyo that actually already exists, I’d go with a Raptor…

(kclejeune) #11

They are, but they also support me a good bit. They let me buy two summits… I gotta give em credit for that, but because of that I’m willing to bet they don’t want to spend much more now lol

EDIT: So I’m thinking now, and there is a TON of stuff in the 40-65 range. Any more suggestions now? I really love the play of the summit, so if anything compares to that. I’ve tried most of the new YYF and YYJ, but the others in that price range are a bit foreign.


My parents are uncaring… They will let me get yoyos as long as it’s my money, and if i want to BST i have to get my own boxes and go to the post office myself… And they won’t take me to contests… But whatever, at least I still get to throw.l



(kclejeune) #14

Oh see I don’t get allowance or money for chores or grades and whatnot. They just kind of get me what I need if I need it.

Edit: Now I’m wondering… What would you for Di Base 2 vs. Sine//Saw vs. Werrd hour? Because the hour is discounted ATM

Double edit: I think I mentioned this but I prefer a full sized throw, preferably one that isn’t dead weight on the string. I like kinda floaty throws…


It’s all about the plastics. Buy a Rally, Yeti, or Crazy-D.


I mow lawns in my neighborhood for money and I get an allowance too… As for BST I have to ride my bike half an hour to the post office and half an hour back… But on the bright side, that and playing sports with my friends has made me lose some weight :slight_smile:

And I havent heard much about the hour, and that sale has been on for months… I’ve heard good things about the dibase 2 and sine//saw , but I would go with the sine/saw if it was my choice…

(kclejeune) #17

Alright so I think I may skip the rally for now, the Hour and Sine//Saw are too tempting. I think I’ll skip Di base 2 for now also, because I’d get a rally before that. So between the Hour and the Sine//Saw, what would you do?


Sine//Saw, again havent heard that much about the hour but I’ve heard a fair share of good things aboutthe Sine/Saw

(SlimJoe) #19

Hour. I have two. Great yoyo from a great company.

(kclejeune) #20

Ok so I’ve seen some issues with the Sine//Saw. Now I’m pretty much between the Rally or the Hour…