So…my mom gave me 400 euros for my bday…how can i convience her to give me 500$ for yoyos? wanna get a sleipnir,basilisk light,butcher,horizon and big dipper

Woahh! That’s a lot of money. You could always tell her you need $100 more to complete your wish list. Do think it throughly before spending that much on yoyos :grin::+1:t3:

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i dont really have what to spend on,i just got into tennis though!

I’d thank my mom for the gift and not ask for another dollar.

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I second that. I wouldn’t even spend that much on yoyo’s at one time. Get a yoyo or two and save the rest. Saving money is an invaluable skill. Simply my opinion.

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That is the very best advice the OP could ever get.

Work with that amount.

If you can’t get happy spending 400 on Yoyos; you don’t want to be happy.



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This. dont be an ungrateful brat (not saying you are, but asking for more after getting alot will make you one!). If you need more money, WORK for it. young and old alike can find ways to raise money by earning it. Seems like you got a HUGE leg up, if you work for the rest youll enjoy it all more later. I promise.

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^ x2

Obviously you’ve never had to work for your money.

As noted above:

Just work with what you have. The big Dipper is great, might be the only yoyo you need at the moment. Also too many hobbies will leave you broke.

If I were you I would put 75% of that money in the bank. And spend $100 on yoyos. Just my opinion.

A wise man once told me “in your younger years you will have to work for your money, but if you save it wisely, your money will work for you in your older age.”

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I didnt say i will ask her for another 100$,haha.I think i will wait for words to buy some new yoyos-Clyw will relese that Compass thing and i love how it looks-and they said it will be atleast 2 throws that they release-All my CLYW experiences have been bad till now tho-my borealis stops in the middle of my combo,lol.

I don’t think you get what people are trying to tell you. Then again. You barely listen to peoples suggestion most of the time its given. And the way you talk on the forums can get pretty confusing.

I don’t know, this sounds pretty clear to me, unless my comprehension is bad…

Well my english sucks-not the words and stuff-but putting it in logical order,so…im sorry for the inconvienience …but yeah,ill see what ill do :smiley:

I find it most fascinating that in the above statement; you did such a clear and concise job of explaining why your language barrier keeps you from putting words in the proper order.

…So the only time you can put words in logical, understandable order is when you are explaining why you can’t?

…So you got 400 from your Mom for your Birthday? And you want to figure out how to get 500 from your Mom?

But you Never said you were going to ask her for another 100?


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first mentions getting 400 euros, but then mentions 500$ (dollars). Perhaps this is where the confusions lie?

Are you confused?

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The conversion is 1 euro = 1.11 dollar (as of today).